Iran’s coverage: Iran to quit NPT if its interests jeopardized: Shamkhani

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Iran warns Trump it might withdraw from Non-Proliferation Treaty

A senior Iranian official said on Tuesday that Tehran might quit a treaty designed to stop the spread of nuclear weapons if U.S. President Donald Trump scraps the nuclear accord Iran signed with world powers in 2015.


Iran warns Trump to remain in the nuclear deal or ‘face severe consequences’: state TV

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday to remain in the nuclear deal Tehran signed with world powers in 2015, or face “severe consequences”.

Iran minister: Neither Iran nor Saudis can dominate Mideast

Iran’s foreign minister said Monday that neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia can be the dominant power in the Middle East and what’s needed most is for countries in the Persian Gulf region to talk to each other — not about each other.


UAE’s Emirates plans expansion in Iran: Report

UAE’s Emirates Airline says it is expanding operations in Iran which the company described “a very important market”.


Mummy found in Southern Tehran may belong to former Shah!

A mummified body found in Shahr-e Rey in southern Tehran is assumed to be the body of the ex-king of Iran Reza Shah Pahlavi.


Due to IRGC, Army, Police, Basij’s bravery we enjoy model security

Dr Rouhani stressed that the people and government of Iran will continue making progress along the path of development of the country, and added: “Nobody can make this nation hopeless and take away its hope to the future and the White House must know that whether it remains faithful to its commitments or not, the great Iranian nation will powerfully confront any kind conspiracy and plots”.


Iranian, German FMs to meet in NY today

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will meet with his German counterpart Heiko Mass in New York today.


Iran joins Russia-led free-trade zone

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has approved a draft interim agreement establishing free-trade zone between the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and Iran.

Iran asks UN, neighbors to support “Regional Dialogue Forum”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the current hostile atmosphere in the region needs to be changed into an atmosphere of cooperation, and called on the UN and the neighboring states to support the idea.


Qatar replacing UAE as hawala trade hub for Iran

Iran will use Qatar to facilitate payment orders in foreign currencies, phasing out such operations in Dubai where restrictions imposed by the UAE government are making financial transactions difficult.