Trump must stop sanctioning Iranians to death
Only regional countries can maintain Persian Gulf security: IRGC chief commander
Zarif, Norwegian counterpart discuss bilateral ties
Iran’s IRGC forces conduct massive drills in Northwestern Iran

Regional Affairs

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Israel’s 2006 war on Lebanon was meant to create new Middle East: Nasrallah
Mahmoud Abbas says Israeli settlements will soon disappear
UN Sec. Gen. expresses concern over clashes in Yemen’s Aden
US drone crashes near Baghdad: Report


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62 power supply projects operational in Government Week
US sanctions failed to force Iran to buckle: Report
Veep: Gov’t’s strategy to make sanctions ineffective
As Iranians hold nerves, US seeks to scare off trade

World News

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The end of John Bolton’s political life
Sheikh Zakzaky returns to Nigeria
Millions of muslims perform annual hajj pilgrimage
Who has the main lead on Amano’s death?