Iranian Greco-Roman wrestlers win title in world c'ships

Iranian Greco-Roman wrestlers win title in world c’ships

The U20 Iranian wrestling team became the champion of the World Championships in Bulgaria.

The U20 Greco-Roman World Championship ended on Sunday in Bulgaria.

At the end of the first five weights at the championships, the Iranian team Iman Mohammadi won a gold medal at 63 kg, Abolazal Chobani at 87 kg and Fardin Hedayati at 130 kg won silver medals for Iran on the final day.

According to the results obtained in the first 5 weights of these competitions, the Iranian team won the title powerfully while the teams of Ukraine and Azerbaijan will compete with each other to win second place.

The points that the Iranian team will gain will land somewhere between 149-174 at the end of this tournament, while Ukraine will win something between 96 and 116 points, and Azerbaijan will obtain between 104 and 114 points.

The U20 Iranian freestyle wrestling team became the vice-champions in the Bulgaria world championships yesterday.