Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Bin Salman, the family of Saud, Wahhabism. Nazism by another name?

American Herald Tribune | SHABBIR HASSANALLY: In fact, the reality of the situation is that Mr Bin Salman, with his adventures – failed though they might be – in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, as well as in Bahrain and Eastern Occupied Arabia, bears a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Movement. If we were to transpose Mr Bin Salman and Wahhabism with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Movement; as well as Jews with Non-Wahhabis; you would not be able to tell the difference between the two.

To quote Shakespeare, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. [1] Keep this quote in mind, as we go through this document; for even if a rose was called a “stinky flower”, it would still smell as it does.

Through the course of this paper, we will discuss certain statements by Mr Bin Salman of so-called Saudi Arabia attempting to equate the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei with Adolf Hitler.

The immature and ignorant words of this absolute monarchist, Mr Bin Salman Al-Saud, indeed reveal a lot about him and his failing absolute monarchy than about the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

I apologise, in advance as I write this introduction, since this document has gotten longer than I wanted, but sadly the amount of material that needs to be covered to understand what is happening here requires a degree of depth. So, might I advise my dear reader, please go and get your favourite beverage, make yourself comfortable, and then proceed to read … as we proceed to discuss but a little of the madness that lives within the infantile mind of one Mohammad bin Salman Al-Saud.

On November 23, 2017, an interview was published by veteran journalist Thomas L. Friedman. [2] A very interesting and revealing interview. An interview with the now de-facto “king” of the country named after a family – “Saudi” Arabia.

In this interview, which – and let’s be honest about this – wasn’t an interview in the manner that you and I would expect, where a set of questions are asked, replies are given, and from said replies, an objective article is scribed.

Indeed, this becomes more important when interviewing a person who is directly responsible and fully complicit in the genocide and collective punishment [3] of more than 20million people, you’d expect the questioning to be searching and indeed difficult, instead of just pandering to the interviewee’s ego.

Sadly, this is what was done by Mr Thomas L. Friedman. Not only that, Mr Friedman, allowed himself to be used as a means of propaganda by the self-styled reformer of so-called Saudi Arabia; but more on that later.

The article [4] speaks of the events in Saudi Arabia since November 4, 2017, primarily and since the rise of Mr Bin Salman as some sort of “Arab Spring” from the “top down”. This is the first of many mistakes and for want of a better phrase – propaganda [5] for the Saudi monarchy – by Mr Friedman as well as by the publication, the New York Times.

There is one paragraph – nearer the end of the article – that completely gives everything away, and we will discuss that paragraph further in this document. That paragraph is:

“Iran’s “supreme leader is the new Hitler of the Middle East,” said M.B.S. “But we learned from Europe that appeasement doesn’t work. We don’t want the new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East.” [6]

We’ll come to this gross untruth spewed by Mr Bin Salman and scribed by Mr Friedman shortly; but for now, let us continue with the start of this article.

Firstly, Mr Friedman describes being ferried to Riyadh for this interview, taken to the “family’s ornate adobe-walled palace in Ouija, north of Riyadh”. He then spent four hours speaking to Mr Bin Salmaan and his brother, the new Saudi Ambassador to the United States – Mr Khalid Bin Salman. [7]

According to the article many subjects were discussed; including the arrest and kidnapping of countless members of the royal family, business tycoons and ex-ministers by the so-called “anti-corruption forces” – yes, think about that; a meeting is taking place, in a palace, allegedly owned by the Saudi royal family, built using money usurped from the people of the Arabian Peninsula, who don’t have enough to eat, let alone come and visit the palace; yet the discussion is about the “anti-corruption” drive of King Salman and off course Mr Bin Salman.

Naturally, Mr Bin Salmaan in response to the question regarding the events at the “Ritz Carlton”, where all those arrested are being held declares that it was “ludicrous to suggest that this anti-corruption campaign was a power grab”. I agree it is ludicrous to suggest that this was a power-grab when looking at it in isolation. Rather, this was merely part of a larger power grab that has been in play for some time by Mr Bin Salman.

It is well known that since the rise in 2015, of his father, King Salman, he also rose, and became the “youngest defence minister in the world”. [8] From that moment, he has been moving towards trying to consolidate his power.

As the Independent says “but it is power, not money, that drives the prince”; [9] this phase just happened to be a part of it; but to suggest that the events of November 4, 2017, were merely a power-grab, no this is not accurate; it’s far more than that.

The dates are important.

Starting November 1, thru November 4, 2017; the Russian air force, as well as the Syrian Arab Army with Iranian advisers and the Popular Resistance forces, including Hizbullah, began their push to liberate the last DAESH strong-hold in Syria, the strategic town of Al-Bukamal. [10] While there were setbacks following the first liberation, while it is well known that the United States assisted and provided cover to DAESH in recapturing the strategic town; [11] from the start of November – if not earlier – the writing was on the wall for the Saudi, US, Israeli funded terrorist group, DAESH. [12]

This project to break up and destroy Syria and Iraq – thereby breaking up, or at least significantly weakening, the Resistance Axis [13] – has failed catastrophically, billions, nay, trillions of US dollars have been squandered laying waste to both Syria and Iraq. This is a project that “His Excellency” Mr Bin Salman, as well as his demented father, are a core part of and have been driving since its inception. [14]

So, the DAESH project is failing, President Assad is not going anywhere and Syria and Iraq, with the help of Russia, Iran and the Resistance groups – including Hizbullah – have managed to overcome and defeat the DAESH project militarily.

Now that’s to the north (Syria) and north-east(Iraq) of so-called Saudi Arabia.

In the east of Occupied Arabia, [16] you have massive suppression of the democratic moves by the people of Al-Qateef, Al-Awamiyyah and Bahrain. You hear of people getting lengthy sentences for simply tweeting, [16] for being human rights activists, [17] even religious leaders, arguing for peaceful protests, such as Shaykh Ali Salmaan [18] who continues to be imprisoned by the Saudi controlled Bahrain royal family, Al Khalifa; not to mention the senior Islamic Scholar, Shaykh Isa Qassem, [19] who has been under effective house arrest and under threat of being arrested and ultimately murdered by the same Saudi aligned Al Khalifa. We mustn’t forget the martyred Shaykh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr, [20] who was arrested, tortured and murdered by this Saudi royal family, for daring to ask for democracy and the modicum of human rights.

His nephew, Ali Al-Nimr, has been sentenced to crucifixion. [21] Yes, crucifixion, by the oh so anti-corruption Saudi Royal Family; a move that has been condemned by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD). [22]

So, in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, there is also carnage, carnage that has been wrought on the people by the Saudi royal family. Yes indeed, the same corrupt war criminals, being interviewed and pandered to by Mr Friedman, scribing about wonders of Mr Bin Salman’s alleged “anti-corruption” drive.

To the south of Occupied Arabia, you have the genocide being perpetrated by Mr Bin Salman on the people of Yemen, for what reason? Because they want to have their own government, they don’t want to be a client state of the Saudi royal family.

Day in day out, these poor people for the last two and a half years, are bombed and now fought with biological warfare through the encouragement of cholera, [23] diphtheria [24] and other terrible diseases, through famine [25] and the hermetic sealing of Yemen from any external aid, [26] even the dead are not left to rest in peace, as funeral homes [27] and mosques are bombed. [28]

What the Saudi regime along with the United States are doing in Yemen is without a doubt a war crime and constitutes multiple crimes against humanity not to mention collective punishment and indeed terrorism in its most brutal form. [29]

But still, Mr Bin Salman insists that everything is part of an anti-corruption drive, as well as – and this is priceless – everything, including the death of Yemeni civilians, is the fault of Iran. [30]

So, let’s try to understand why amidst this carnage being wrought upon most of the neighbouring states to so-called Saudi Arabia, do we have this so-called anti-corruption drive. Why do we have the forced resignation [31] (now rescinded) [32] of Sa’ad al-Hariri? Why do we have, on the day after the defeat of the DAESH project militarily in Syria, a resolution condemning those who fought valiantly to vanquish DAESH from Syria and Iraq, accusing them of terrorism!?

Honestly, as I write this, I feel that perhaps I’m in some bizarre twilight zone episode, that in a few moments, I will waken, and this will be but a nightmare; but alas, the reality is far more twisted.

So, that shows how much of an anti-corruption drive this is. So why the mass incarceration of wealthy, powerful individuals many of whom are related to Mr Bin Salman? Why create this upheaval? Why the flagrant interference in the internal affairs of an Arab nation, Lebanon? Why this psychopathic rhetoric and farcical resolution by the (not so) Arab League (more like Zionist League to be accurate) on the day of the final liberation of Al-Bukamal by Syria with the help of Iran, Russia and the Resistance factions?

These are all questions that we need to ask, discuss and understand, to understand the games that are being played in the region, by one the more irresponsible and immature people to ever hold the reins of power (illegally off course) in the region.

Now, I promise, that I won’t make this document war and peace, I will do my utmost to be brief, but the number of things that are going on, the issues that are raised by Mr Friedman’s propagandist interview of Mr Bin Salman are many and need to be addressed; not to mention his remarks against the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei – which we will come to shortly.

After looking at the carnage occurring all around Saudi Arabia, its adventures in Syria, Iraq (via DAESH and other such outfits and with full US and Israeli support), its un-winnable war in Yemen that is rapidly turning into the quicksand that will swallow up the cancerous Saudi Royal Family. Why would Mr Bin Salman, attempt to create more chaos at home?

Well, the answer is there in the interview by Mr Friedman:

“How much money are they recovering?” I asked.

The public prosecutor says it could eventually “be around $100 billion in settlements,” said M.B.S. [33]

And that’s the core of the situation, at least for the arrest of his siblings, extended family and other such rich – and undoubtedly massively corrupt individuals. Running multiple wars is an expensive business. The oil price hasn’t been doing as well as the Saudi’s would like, [34] and those darn Yemeni’s just refusing to die; not to mention the people in Bahrain and the Eastern portion of the Arabian Peninsula – Al-Qateef, Al-Awamiyyah and such. [35] These are all very oil-rich areas, as is the southern part of Occupied Arabia (provinces such as Najran, Jizan and such) – which is the north of Yemen. [36]

So the purse strings are tight. The desire to float around 5% of Saudi Aramco, the family’s illegal business that profits off the theft of oil from the people of the Arabian Peninsula are not going as planned, with the price of oil at such low levels perhaps it’s a case of 5% won’t just cut it. [37] Not to mention the resentment from Mr Bin Salman’s siblings and extended family as well as the religious establishment in Saudi Arabia. [38]

So, an easy way to grab some funds would be to kidnap some wealthy people and relieve them of their ill-gotten gains. Now while my previous sentence might some somewhat insane; people don’t do that do they?! But, there is a lot of truth in this. According to many reports, the arrested royals, wealthy and famous, have been offered such a deal; [39] with some of them being very eager to hand over vast sums of money to secure their release.

With all this activity, it’s no wonder that the Aramco IPO hasn’t happened. Asking people to invest in a country, requires a country to have stability and a sensible government that works for its people (or at least appears to). [40] It would be difficult to sell an IPO in a country, where if the king or prince feels like it, or needs some funds for whatever reason, he can arrest you and force you to hand over your assets in return for your “freedom”. This is a throwback to the days of absolute monarchies of yesteryear. But wait, that’s part of the problem; the Saudi Family are an absolute monarchy – as are many of the oil fields and shopping malls with flags in the Persian Gulf region – such as Bahrain, UAE and so on.

So, now we understand, the move by Mr Bin Salman, wasn’t a power grab, he was accurate in what he said, rather it was a money grab. To milk, the fat cats of Arabia for as much as is possible, and to use that money to further his adventures in Yemen, and let’s not forget his dream of the megacity of “Neom”. [41]

Now, look at the timeline. You will see all these events have happened in the space of a very short period. This by itself is very interesting. We see that Mr Bin Salman is moving very fast. He seems to lack patience and refuses to allow himself to think and calculate before acting or speaking; but that he does something – such as his adventures in Syria, Iraq (by proxy) and in Yemen – but then decides they are a bad idea, but can’t speak against them for fear of losing face, and so has to find a bogeyman to blame.

Prior to the advent of the Trump in January 2017; in the Obama years, at the very least there was some modicum of diplomatic protocol and sanity that prevailed.

However, since the Trump (or is it the Donald) came to power, we’ve had the age of Twitter diplomacy dawn upon us. Diplomacy that doesn’t think and calculate the consequences of a given action, rather it does and then thinks about it (if at all). To put it bluntly, do whatever and bugger the consequences.

In more colloquial terms – the age of YOLO [42] diplomacy is upon us.

In such a scenario; you find that those who operate based on this YOLO diplomacy; Mr Trump, Mr Bin Salman and their ilk; have this tendency to declare their mistakes be the domain of another, in other words they like the spoilt children they are, throw a temper tantrum and point the finger at the victim or anyone else, never taking personal responsibility. This reveals a serious psychological problem that plagues the Saudi monarchy, not only are they demented [43] they also exhibit the signs of chronic depression. [44]

Mr Bin Salman causes famine and death in Yemen, but of course, it’s Iran’s fault. Mr Bin Salman and his “precious” Gollum [45] – sorry I mean Mr Adel al-Jubair [46] decide that Assad must go, he doesn’t let the people of Syria decide he stays, and then it’s Iran and Hizbullah’s fault.

The Yemeni resistance movement fights back against the carpet bombing of their country and fires a ballistic missile at Riyadh International Airport, [47] irrespective of whether the missile hit its intended target [48] or whether it was intercepted, [49] the Saudi regime immediately falls into a panic, and once again point the finger at Iran.

Naturally, this time, both with the mass arrests and with the blaming of Iran for the Yemeni resistance’s ballistic missile, its not just Mr Bin Salman pointing the finger, he’s got his buddies – the others who live by the YOLO doctrine, Mr Trump and his allies also joining him in blaming Iran. [50]

Also, let’s not forget the pathetic Zionist, sorry I mean Arab League, who are nothing more than a club of “Yes Men” pandering to the whims of the Saudi family, and who couldn’t give a hoot about the plight of the Arabs. Had the Arab League been an entity that cared about the Arabs, then they would condemn the bombing of Sanaa an Arab Capital, the Capital of Yemen, they would have condemned the attempted regime change in Syria and Iraq that was backed by the members of the (Persian) Gulf Co-operation Council (another Saudi Fan-Club); but, now the only time the so-called Arab League has stepped in, is to defend and bolster its masters, the Zionists occupying Palestine, and the Zionists occupying Arabia, and let’s not get into a discussion about the lack of any real resolve on the part of the so-called Arab League against the mass settlements and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

So, what’s this all about?! What kind of an upside down and topsy-turvy world have we woken up to since the age of Trump!?

Granted, things were crazy before, I’m not suggesting that Obama was a saint or even a remotely good person, but at least he adhered to diplomatic protocol, and when he made up flagrant lies – such as the lie about drones not killing civilians [51] – at least he could hide behind various organs of the government, and make the lives of people who want to show that the emperor has no clothes that much more challenging. But in the age of Trump, there is none of that. It’s all laid bare for all to see. It’s less a case of the Emperor has no clothes, but a case of the Emperor knows he has no clothes, but frankly the Emperor doesn’t care. His arrogance has risen to new heights!

Mr Bin Salman does something insane, Mr Trump tweets in support, blindly buying the lies spewed by the Saudi regime’s spin-doctors, without any analysis; or reflection; saying the first thing that comes into his mind, nay tweeting that which enters his mind with ne’er a thought of the ramifications or consequences of what is being said!

It’s like the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said, Trump shows the true nature, the true face of the American Empire. [52]

So, now we’ve established that the “anti-corruption” drive, wasn’t, in fact, a power grab (that’s been ongoing and is by the by); it was more of a move by a desperate regime, that knows its days are numbered.

This was further given credence by Mr Bin Salman, constantly suggesting that he wishes to “return Saudi Arabia to the moderate state it was prior to 1979”. [53]

Now, this is where it gets very interesting. Also, let’s remember, he said this on October 24, 2017, to the Guardian newspaper [54] – a mere 10 days before the end of DAESH in Syria.

Like I said earlier, the timing is very important.

Now, Mr Bin Salman wasn’t born in 1979; he was but a spark in his mother and father’s eyes in 1979; he was born on August 31, 1985. [55] However, according to him:

“…the ultra-conservative state had been “not normal” for the past 30 years, blaming rigid doctrines that have governed society in a reaction to the Iranian revolution, which successive leaders “didn’t know how to deal with”. [56]

So according to Mr Bin Salman, the violent and barbaric nature of the Saudi Family’s reign of terror upon the land of Arabia, all their wanton destruction of sites of heritage, [57] homes [58] and such has been due to the Islamic Revolution in Iran, that was victorious in 1979. Or given that he said, “the past 30 years”; and since he is around 32, that would mean around 1987 or so (given we’re in 2017).

So what happened in 1987? What traumatised the 2-year-old Mr Bin Salman in 1987 so?

Well if you cast your memory back to 1987, it was the penultimate year of the Saudi, the US, Israeli, World funded war on the fledgeling Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic; the (un)stated objective being the destruction of the Islamic Revolution; and the return to the monarchy of Shah Pahlavi; or at least back to a system that was subservient to the American Empire. [59]

In 1987, a group of pilgrims went to make the Hajj, as happens on an annual basis. Hajj, after all, is one of the key tenets of Islam; [60] where if a person has the financial capability, they are obliged to travel to Makkah to make the pilgrimage; at least once in their lives. [61]

However, it should be noted that the Hajj is not merely a spiritual holiday, [62] it is one that emphasises and rekindles the societal nature of Islam, the fact that justice is a key component of Islam, and indeed a requirement; therefore, the Imam Khomeini, the late founder and leader of the Islamic Revolution, had said, that one of the key tasks during Hajj is to make a disassociation against the tyrants and oppressors; and this takes place in the form of a demonstration; one in Makkah, which is the disassociation demonstration, and the other in Madinah, which is the Unity demonstration.

These are peaceful marches, wherein the believers, speak against those who seek to harm the people of the world – not just the Muslims; but all the free people of the world – and for the Unity demonstration, they speak against those who seek to create sedition within the Muslim community and to incite sectarian strife.

These demonstrations happen with the permission of the Saudi regime, and the authorities in the cities of Makkah and Madinah. This has been the case since the start of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Now, what happened in 1987?

In Makkah, the Saudi authorities with support from their masters in Washington and Tel Aviv attacked the peaceful demonstration by Muslims and massacred more than 400 pilgrims near the al-Moalla Cemetery in the holy city of Makkah. [63] The Saudi and Western media mouthpieces then started to blame the pilgrims, not all of whom were Iranian, of attempting to blow up the Kaaba – a claim that was a flagrant lie and that had no basis in reality. [64] Anyone with even the most basic understanding of the geography of Makkah, not to mention its sanctity within Islamic tenants, and the theory of Hajj would know that this is a flagrant lie. [65]

Now I’m not going to go into a history of the Saudi massacre of pilgrims in 1987; the information is out there for the discerning mind and truth seeker. What I will say, is that since Mr Bin Salman, says that his country became “not normal” 30 years ago – meaning in 1987; then sorry, but he’s a touch mistaken – and I don’t blame him, after all, he would only have been an infant of 2 in 1987. Rather, since its inception with the “First Saudi State” in 1744, [66] the entity has been violent and brutal in its conduct; it has never known what it means to be the middle way, to be moderate, to be understanding of others. Since its inception it has been their way or the high way; this is also well documented, and well known.

So, what does Mr Bin Salman mean then? On further reflection, it can only mean that the fate of the Shah of Iran, also an absolute Monarch, propped up by external agents including America and Britain, which was finalised in 1979 with the victory of the Islamic Revolution, is what has terrified the Saudi monarchy.

The Saudi monarchy saw that the people of a country can come together and rise, make a unified call against the despotic rule of absolute monarchs and ultimately with great sacrifice, remove said monarchs. After all one must remember that any absolute monarch today, is a puppet, it is controlled by its foreign benefactors. The Shah was a puppet of Washington, and the Saudi monarchies (as well as its clients, the UAE monarchy, Bahrain and so on) are puppets of Washington also.

So, this is the core of the matter, the crux of the problem. Mr Bin Salman realises that his days are numbered, that his regime of corrupt absolutism is dying a death.

He realises that in the Islamic Revolution of Iran is a model, not for a Shia or Sunni uprising, but of an uprising by a downtrodden people, who have been abused and plundered, raped and pillaged by the autocrats that keep them shackled. He realises that the writing is on the wall.

So, what is little Mr Bin Salman to do? He turns to Washington, he turns to London. London sadly can’t do a great deal; dealing with its own mess of Brexit, and the complete death of the British Empire, indeed, the relegation of Britain to less than third world status, renders it completely impotent; and Washington is governed by a clown, a reality TV star.

However, like the Saudi royal family, the Trump is also obscenely wealthy; [67] and like them, it is on the back of unscrupulous practices. [68] So, they have a shared interest shall we say; also, there are over 70 years of what is referred to as friendship, or a special relationship; [69] but what I call indirect colonial rule, where the Saudi family occupies Arabia – much like the Zionists occupying Palestine – by the grace of the Empire.

So, both America, the European Zionists occupying Palestine and of course the Family of Saud, occupying Arabia; have a common enemy. The Zionists have a major problem with Iran and the Islamic Revolution because it gives dignity back to the Palestine cause.

Iran supports the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon that gave the Zionists their own defeats at the hands of the Muslims and Arabs. In 2000 when they were forced to exit Lebanon with their proverbial tail between their legs; and then in 2006, when they failed to attain any success at their Saudi supported adventure [70] into Lebanon.

It should also be noted that the defeat given by Lebanon to the Zionist entity in 2006 is one that the Zionists will never recover from. After all, as was mentioned by the secretary general of Hizbullah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the funeral of the commander of the Islamic Resistance, Hajj Imad Moghnieh [71] :

“Ben-Gurion said Israel would collapse.

He did not say it would get out of the South or from the Golan, Sinai or the West Bank. No, he said Israel, which is an artificial entity, would collapse after losing the first war.

He said Israel would collapse after losing the first war. Israel waged war in July 2006. Some Zionists called it the sixth war, as became known to the world, but high-ranking strategic commanders in Israel called it the first war.
All the right and left wings and all extremists in Israel – because there are no moderates – were unanimous in saying that Israel lost the war. The Winograd Report, which was softened and made appropriate to keep what is left of Israel, could not conceal the bitterness of the fact that said hundreds of times the words “serious failure,” “great failure,” “inability” and “weakness on the level of the political and military leadership and the Israeli army.”

Did the Winograd Report not say this? It was not Imad Moghnieh who said this. It was said by a judge appointed by Olmert. He told part of the truth to alert Israel to its fate.” [72]

Iran is a country, that while not ethnically Arab, has supported the primary Arab cause; that of Palestine, since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. After all let’s not forget that the Shah of Iran was a very close ally of the Zionists, and indeed was a very close friend of the Saudi monarchy.

So, I understand why Mr Bin Salman is terrified of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a fear not dissimilar to that experienced by the Zionists who too are terrified of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mr Bin Salman says Iran represents an existential threat to “his” existence; this is not inaccurate; though the way they spin it is completely inaccurate and indeed harmful to themselves.

You see, the fact remains that Iran has not gone to war with anyone, except in a defensive capacity. Even after the 2015 massacre in Mina; [73] which is connected to the 1987 massacre of Iranians by the Saudi family.

These dates mark the 30 years that Mr Bin Salman feels that the Saudi family got then wrong during; Iran doesn’t say it is going to war with Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t harm Saudi nationals who have visited Iran, it doesn’t fine Iranians who visit Saudi Arabia (a practice that Saudi Arabia has adopted), [74] it doesn’t push a sectarian agenda, [75] it doesn’t punish those who follow a different religion or school. Rather it embraces diversity, with the only proviso being that no one should be harmed, and no hate should be pushed against others. Thereby ensuring civil harmony and preventing strife.

In fact, since the inception of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, one of the key slogans of the Islamic Revolution has been that of Unity; that the Muslims must come together as a united group, to combat those who seek to harm them and usurp their rights; such as the Zionists and their masters in Washington and London.

The Iranian elected government and parliament, are diverse and have representatives from all groups in society, Sunni, Shia, Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian and so on. The elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran are sacrosanct; and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, has categorically said:

“What I want to say about elections is that the letter of the law should be observed in elections. The letter of the law should be observed!

Whatever the result of national elections is, it will be valid and legal. I will not interfere in elections.

I have never said and will never say to the people that they should vote for and not vote for such and such a person.

I only interfere in one condition, and that is when some people want to stand against the people’s votes and choice and to cancel their votes by causing interference.

Anyone who decides to attack the result of the people’s votes will be confronted by me!” [76]

The Saudi family, on the other hand, are exactly the opposite; they reject any form of election, they reject any form of valid reform.

Yes, yes, I know that King Abdullah gave women some semblance of voting – through the idea of voting in an absolute monarchy, where the only valid opinion is that of – or fully supported by – the monarch, is insulting. After all its well known that these municipal elections that women can now vote in are somewhat meaningless, given that the minister of municipal and rural affairs is directly appointed by the king!! [77]; and yes, we’ve all heard that Mr Bin Salman is spearheading a plan to allow women to be permitted to drive, [78] but these are all by the by; nothing more than token gestures to appease a population that is rapidly become irate with the excesses and policies of the ruling autocrats. [79]

They don’t get to the core of the problems plaguing this corrupt, autocratic monarchy. Its very existence is the problem. The notion of an entire country, populated by many families, many different cultural heritages, ideas and opinions, named after and essentially enslaved by a single family, with the masses have no say is the underlying problem.

In fact, anyone who has studied the Islamic Revolution in Iran, an event that Mr Bin Salman so vehemently detests, will see that it was the policies of autocracy by the Shah. His promotion of the idea of “his way or the high way” that resulted in the success and victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The same is the case for the Family of Saud. Their autocratic, single-minded vision for their country – including Mr Bin Salman’s Vision 2030 and the desire for the grossly expensive white elephant named Neom [80]; while at the same time, not having the slightest concern for the impoverished majority in the country, the countless starving and living on or below the poverty line in the country. [81]

On top of this, the alliance of the Saudi family with the Zionist entity occupying Palestine further creates resentment; let’s not forget that the Shah of Iran had a very close alliance with the Zionists. [82]

So, another commonality, between the Saudi royal family and the now-defunct Pahlavi monarchy that occupied Iran.

So, there is yet another miscalculation by the immature crown prince of so-called Saudi Arabia. His claim, promoted by Mr Friedman in his New York Times interview, that somehow suggests that the moves by Mr Bin Salman are somehow “revolutionary”, and mark a paradigm shift from what allegedly was a hardening of the Saudi establishment in 1979 because of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the overthrow of the absolute monarchy of the Shah of Iran.

Let’s also not forget, that in his final days, the Shah of Iran, attempted to “reform” society, [83] including allowing female suffrage – yep the same as King Abdullah had allowed, he let women vote (they could already drive in Iran) – but again like the Saudi monarchy, when the government and all ministers are handpicked by the monarch, such a system renders the vote as nothing short of an insult and an attempt to appease the people.

Sure a few of the weak-minded ones will fall into the trap of suggesting that “my word what a reformer the king is”, many people will realise that they may go and cast a vote, but since the ones they are voting for are not the choice of the people but the choice of the monarch, and that the result will be the result that the absolute monarch desires, not much is going to change.

So, the only option Mr Bin Salman has left is to continue to demonise the Iranians and the Resistance Axis. Off course, this plays directly into the agenda being pushed by both the American Empire as well as the European Zionists occupying Palestine; and in view of the military death of the DAESH project in Syria and Iraq; in order to prevent his people from wanting to take control of their own destinies, to break the chains that bind them, and to do as the people of Iran had done just under 40 years ago; he has little choice but to demonise the Iranians and any who seek to oppose the tyranny and hegemony of the American Empire in the region.

When his people – and since there are people from the Arabian peninsula serving in the so-called Saudi Army and National Guard, though for the most part they are trained and managed by foreigners [84][85]- see the abject defeat they are being subjected to at the hands of the Yemeni Army and Resistance forces – Ansarallah [86] – it is not difficult to surmise that those people will begin to lose faith in the Saudi family. Indeed, it is well known now, that even the normally quiet German Inteligence Agency, BND, declared in December 2015 that Saudi Arabia, and specifically Mr Bin Salman are a major factor in destabilising the Arab World. [87]

After all, ethnically and from a tribal perspective, many of those on the so-called Saudi side of the border are related to those on the Yemeni side; Yemen is known as being the heartland of the Arab peoples. [88]

As people begin to lose faith in the monarchy, they begin to yearn for change more. Many living under the tyranny will also be asking; and indeed in the East of Occupied Arabia and Bahrain and elsewhere have been asking for more rights – real rights, not tokens of appeasement, but real change.

This also why Mr Bin Salman has taken control of the so-called Saudi National Guard, he already had the defense ministry; which is really the Saudi Family personal guard, as it cares little for the country, and indeed has been known to go into various parts of the country – primarily the East, such as Al-Awamiyyah and Al-Qatif; as well as Bahrain under the guise of the “Peninsula Shield” – to massacre, rape, pillage and destroy any who dares to question the monarchy, even if they are infants. [89] This has been well documented. [90][91]

Then there’s the wholesale demonising by the Saudi family and their Wahhabi religious allies [92] of anyone who follows an understanding of Islam that differs from Wahhabism, let alone anyone who follows another religion. The Shah of Iran, while he had a multitude of problems and faults, didn’t do that explicitly.

Rather he was a secular monarchist, more interested in his own power, wealth and opulence than in demonising and murdering people on account of their faith and beliefs – though he did have serious problems with anyone who spoke against his rule and absolute monarchy.

So, let’s examine a historical figure who we are led to believe demonised swathes of the people base on their religion. [93] Oh yes, that would be one Adolf Hitler and his Nazi organisation.

But hold on a minute, didn’t Mr Bin Salman say that the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei posed a threat to the middle east akin to that posed by Hitler to Europe? Yes he did, and Mr Friedman penned it and the New York Times published it, in fact, it’s in the article we’re discussing. Mr Bin Salman said:

“Iran’s “supreme leader is the new Hitler of the Middle East,” said M.B.S. “But we learned from Europe that appeasement doesn’t work. We don’t want the new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East.” What matters most, though, is what Saudi Arabia does at home to build its strength and economy.” [94]

And so, we come full circle; and as I said, we will now discuss the inaccuracy of what Mr Bin Salman has said, what Mr Friedman has scribed, and what the New York Times.

It is not the Islamic Revolution in Iran, nor its leadership, that poses a threat akin to that posed by one Adolf Hitler in Europe in the last century, quite the contrary, the similitude of the Islamic Revolution and its support of Syria and Iraq of Lebanon and Palestine, to its moral support of the Yemeni people in their defending their country against US and Saudi hegemony is more akin to those who supported the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, [95] and the French Resistance to Nazi [96] occupation and other groups and individuals who fought the Nazi terrorists. [97]

In fact, the reality of the situation is that Mr Bin Salman, with his adventures – failed though they might be – in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, as well as in Bahrain and Eastern Occupied Arabia bears a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Movement. If we were to transpose Mr Bin Salman and Wahhabism with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Movement; as well as Jews with Non-Wahhabis; you would not be able to tell the difference between the two.

This is the reality. Yes, without a doubt, the Islamic Republic of Iran and its Leadership pose an existential threat to the Saudi monarchy; they have a track record of destroying monarchies, they destroyed the monarchy that was imposed on them by the CIA [98]; they have a track record of opposing illegal occupations of people by another people; they refuse to accept that God is a real estate agent [99] and indeed declare that they will never succumb to humiliation and hegemony by the Empire, and will support the righteous resistance of the oppressed people the world over.

The Islamic Revolution and the various resistance movements across the world, be they in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, or Yemen – and before anyone gets excited, when I say support; that doesn’t necessarily mean financial, military support, it could even be moral support, such as that given to Yemen and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, or the people of Bahrain and Eastern Occupied Arabia, a people who are oppressed, murdered and subjugated by the Saudi monarchy, its masters in Washington, London and Tel Aviv and its client governors in those countries – such as Mr Buhari of Nigeria and Mr Khalifa in Bahrain.

So yes, Mr Bin Salman should be worried. The Islamic Revolution, led by the Supreme Leader, Imam Khamenei, did indeed destroy his scheme in Syria and Iraq, and it was through wisdom shown by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of Hizbullah and General Michel Auon of Lebanon that the game Mr Bin Salman played with Mr Sa’ad Al-Hariri didn’t lead to more carnage and strife in Lebanon.

The game Mr Bin Salman is playing with Qatar is also harming him, and is causing more and more miscalculations; but I won’t go into that, as others have written excellent pieces on the Saudi-Qatar stand-off. [100]

The bottom line is simple, a wise man once said that when pointing the finger at another, remember there are three pointing right back at you, and one point above to God, the Ultimate Witness to all that transpires.

It would seem that Mr Bin Salman doesn’t realise this – even if we leave God out of the equation [101]; there are still at least 3 fingers pointing right back at him, when he seeks to insult the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, a person who has done more for Islam and humanity, a person who is a scholar, a intellectual and a true revolutionary and a person who is connected to the people, who lives like the people, who knows and realises that every action he performs, every word he scribes, ever breath he takes is accountable to a higher authority; as a result; the honourable Imam Khamenei, [102] the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, doesn’t act in hast, doesn’t speak in haste; rather he speaks only after a great deal of reflection; a trait that is the opposite of the YOLO diplomacy of Trump and Bin Salman and their kind.

So now, we have a situation, where just like a fish out of water, you have Mr Bin Salman making up history as he sees fit, attempt to tell today’s generation a version of history that has no bearing on reality; such his ludicrous notion that prior to 1979 the so-called Kingdom of Saudi Arabia practices a moderate brand of Islam – that is garbage, complete and utter balderdash; since its inception, as has been discussed (and I apologise for the length of this paper) at length herein and in the many references I’ve cited; has been a brutal psychopathic authoritarian entity, run by a single family for the benefit of a single family, and indeed only a small faction within said family.
The victory of the Islamic Revolution merely set a timer for the demise of the corrupt cancerous entities occupying the land of Palestine and Arabia; Mr Bin Salman and all others knows that time is rapidly running out.

He should ditch the “yes people” that he has surrounded himself with, [103] he should take on good advisers, if he truly wants to bring about a spring of change, an awaking within the Arabian Peninsula, then he needs to gracefully step down, and hand the reigns of authority to those to whom it rightfully belongs – the people.

As for the policy of appeasement that Mr Bin Salman speaks of, he should realise that Mr Trump, Ms May and the countless western leaders who are supplying Mr Bin Salman with weapons of mass destruction to commit the horrific atrocities that he is committing in Yemen, Eastern Occupied Arabia and elsewhere, this is the real appeasement of a tyrant. This is the lesson of not appeasing a tyrant that should have been learned from the lessons that came out of the second world war.

Yes, so I’ve said it – Mr Bin Salman, bears an uncanny similarity to Adolf Hitler; and his Wahhabi Takfiri Family bear a terrifying conformity to the Nazi Movement. Remove the location from Europe to the Middle East, and the persecuted from Jewish (and many minorities), [104] to anyone who is not Wahhabi, and there you go. Same exact thing. A rose by any other name … as we said at the start.

It seems that the world has yet to learn the lessons from history, that the United Nations has yet to realise that when it says, “never again”, [105] it doesn’t really know what it is saying “never again” to; rather – they are once more supporting a tyrant, giving him a mouthpiece and promoting a false description of history.

Those who do this will make the same mistakes again and again. Until they learn from history, the real history, that is not tarnished with propaganda and lies spewed by the unscrupulous mainstream Zionist and Saudi controlled media, these atrocities will continue, they will just have a different decor.

So, we come back to Shakespeare with whom we started; “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. [106] Indeed, tyranny and mass murder, oppression and deception, is the same whether it is committed by one Adolf Hitler or by Mr Bin Salman, by Mr Trump, or by Mr Netanyahu. They can all claim they are fighting another, that it is someone else who is the tyrant; the reality doesn’t change just because someone says it is something else.

The same way, a rose, even if referred to as a “stinky flower” to the free person in the world, who examines and reflects on the nature of the rose, will still as Shakespeare says, smell just as sweet.

There is so much more that can be written about the miscalculations of this immature “prince”; however, this document has gotten significantly longer than I had initially planned; as a result; I shall stop here.

And from God alone, is all ability, and He is the most sublime of judges.

*(Image credit: Screenshot courtesy of NY Times)


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