Rouhani submits budget draft for next year to Majlis

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Rouhani: Budget bill focuses on public services, infrastructures

President Hassan Rouhani said here on Sunday that the budget bill he has presented to the Parliament contains useful data on ways of providing public services and constructing infrastructures.


Senior MP: Petrodollars preventing US from seeing Al Saud’s rights violations

A senior Iranian lawmaker lashed out at the US government for ignoring the continued violation of human rights, specially women’s rights, in Saudi Arabia to keep the flow of the kingdom’s petrodollars to Washington going.


Official: Violence to continue in Afghanistan after inking security pact with US

Endorsement of the security agreement between Washington and the Kabul government won’t benefit the Afghans and will entail dire consequences for them and the regional people as it will cause violence to continue.


Iraq to become Iran’s largest gas customer

Iraq is willing to boost its gas imports from Iran to 90 million cubic meters (mcm) per day, a senior Iranian gas official said


Official: Development of space sciences, technologies top on Iran’s agenda

The Iranian Space Agency has ambitious short, middle and long term space projects, a senior research official said, adding that the country will launch several home-made satellites and satellite-carriers in the next few years.


Iranian naval fleet set to leave India’s Mumbai port

Iranian Navy’s 28th fleet of warships is set to leave the Indian port of Mumbai on Monday for the next destination on its overseas voyage, a senior navy commander said.


European Parliament delegation due in Iran

A delegation of European Parliament (EP) members is due to travel to Iran next week to discuss the expansion of parliamentary relations between the Islamic Republic and the EU.


IAEA inspection of Arak underway: AEOI

A senior Iranian official says inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have begun their visit of Arak heavy water plant.


I would meet Rouhani: Shimon Peres

According to Times of Israel, Shimon Peres at the 2013 Israel Business Conference in Tel Aviv said that he would like to meet with President Rouhani.


China’s ranking security official in Tehran

Member of China’s State Council Yang Jiechi arrived here Saturday night.


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