Ahmadinejad: Solving Palestine problem through talks is a wishful thinking

Addressing a large group of audience as pre-sermon lecturer in this weeks Friday prayers congregation in Tehran University on the World Quds Day, President Ahmadinejad criticized the individuals who imagine Palestine problem can be solved through talks and meetings.

The idea that Palestine problem can be solved through talks and dividing a land is a wishful thinking.
He said existence and role of Zionists should be reviewed and analyzed historically and universally.

He noted, Dealing with global issues with such an approach would definitely give us irreparable damages.

He then regretted that the arrogant states set friendship with the Zionists as the yardstick of friendship among countries.

The criterion of the arrogant states friendship with the world countries is the countries friendly link with the Zionist regime. Which sort of features does the Zionist regime have that compel the western arrogant states to set the precondition for their friendship with more than 200 countries on their friendship with the regime? questioned Ahmadinejad.

Praising the late Imam Khomeinis initiative of designating the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadhan as the World Quds Day, Ahmadinejad said apparently, the World Quds Day belongs to occupied Palestine and Palestinians.

The question is if westerners and Zionists are right and want to provide a group of helpless people with a shelter and build a state, why they support Zionist regimes measures and behaviors with all their might? This goes to the extent that on some occasions, they even do not so much support their own land and people!



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