Sanctions on Iran

‘Cruel sanctions on Iran doomed to failure due to experts’ resolve’

An Iranian army commander says the enemies’ cruel sanctions against Iran are doomed to failure and have had no impact on the work of the country’s experts so far, as their resolve will render the sanctions ineffectual.

Second Brigadier General Massoud Jafari, commander of Shahid Lashgari Air Base of the Iranian Army’s Air Force in Mehrabad, said on Tuesday that his forces have succeeded in making significant progress in various fields, including overhaul of aircraft and different flight parts.

“The cruel sanctions of the sworn enemies of the Islamic Iran against the country’s defense and military industries, particularly the Army’s Air Force, have never been effective in the face of the will of our experts,” he said.

These sanctions have never been able to disrupt the Armed Forces’ activities, he added.

The commander noted that experts at the air base have managed to carry out great moves, including the overhaul of damaged flying objects.

Jafari also renewed his forces’ allegiance with Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to stand firm in the face of the enemies.

Iranian experts have made giant strides in boosting the country’s defense power by producing various equipment, including different types of drones.

By Press TV