Leader communicates general policies of Iran’s 7th Development Plan

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a proclamation on Monday outlined the general policies of Iran’s 7th quinquennial development plan focusing on economic progress.

The proclamation, sent to the president, Parliament speaker, Judiciary chief, chairman of the Expediency Council, and Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, lays out a five-year grand plan for Iran’s development in the coming years.

The document, prepared after comprehensive studies and consultations with the Expediency Council, has prioritized economic progress coupled with justice.

Thanking the Expediency Council members and secretariat for their intensive efforts to make comments and the three branches of power for their active partnership in devising and ratifying the 7th development plan law, the Leader described these policies as another step towards the materialization of the Islamic Republic’s goals.

Comprising 26 provisions, the plan includes seven main chapters about economic issues, infrastructural affairs, cultural and social subjects, scientific, technological and educational issues, political and foreign policy affairs, defense and security, as well as administrative, legal and judicial issues.


By Tasnim