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Iran seeks to expand trade with African countries: official

The Director-General of Iran Ministry of Labor, Cooperatives and Social Welfare for International Affairs said that African countries’ high potential is an opportunity for Iran to expand its trade with these countries.

The First Meeting of Iran-Burundi Joint Economic Commission was held on Saturday with the participation of the Director General Ministry of Labor for International Affairs and representatives of subsidiary organizations of the ministry.

Hamed Forouan the Director-General of the Ministry of Labor for International Affairs pointed to the approach adopted by the ministry to develop and boost cooperation with African states and added that seven cooperation documents were inked between Iran and Burundi after the visit of President of Burundi to Iran.

These cooperation documents were inked on the issues such as canceling visas for political and service passports, agricultural sector, mutual support of investment opportunities between the two governments, trade, healthcare and medical treatment as well as technical – vocational training services, he emphasized.

A significant part of Burundi’s revenues comes from the agricultural sector, he said, adding that the extraction of diamonds in the country is one of the most important subjects that lay ground for further Iran’s cooperation with this African country in the field of processing diamond.

Petrochemical products, foodstuff and edibles, medical equipment, road construction machinery and construction industries are the main products needed to be imported to this African state so that Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys high capability and potential to provide Burundi with all the aforementioned products.

Given Iran’s experience with African countries, more effective steps must be taken in order to expand trade relations with these countries in relevant fields, he added.