Iran holds talks with Germany, Netherlands on judicial cooperation

An Iranian Judiciary official held meetings with the German and Dutch ambassadors to Tehran to talk about the legal and judicial cooperation with the two European nations and to pursue the efforts to protect the rights of Iranian nationals and inmates in Europe.

Kazem Gharibabadi, the Iranian Judiciary chief’s deputy for international affairs and secretary-general of Iran’s Human Rights Office, held separate meetings with the ambassadors of Germany and the Netherlands to Tehran, Hans Odo Motzel and Frank Mollen.

In the meetings, Gharibabadi and the European envoys talked about the issues of mutual interest, including the consular affairs as well as Tehran’s legal and judicial cooperation with Berlin and Amsterdam, IRNA reported.

The Iranian Judiciary official has reportedly called on the German envoy to prepare the ground for Iranian national Kazem Darabi to meet his daughter, who is in Germany.

In the meeting with Mollen, Gharibabadi urged the immediate release of Mahdi Kiasati, who has been jailed in the Netherlands at the request of the US on a bogus charge of violation of sanctions.


Source: Tasnim