Mahan Air

Iran’s Mahan Air foils cyberattack, flights operating on schedule

Iran’s Mahan Air has announced it foiled a cyberattack targeting the company’s “internal systems” and that all flights were operating on schedule. 

“Immediately after the cyberattack was launched, Mahan Air’s cyber security team came into action to thwart the threat,” a Mahan Air spokesman said on state TV on Sunday.

Amirhossein Zolanvari said in the announcement that it was not the first time that the airline came under cyberattack.

“It has already been the target on several occasions due to its important position in the country’s aviation industry,” he said.

Zolanvari added that the latest cyberattack had not caused any “major issue” and all of Mahan Air’s international and domestic flights were operating on schedule.

However, the company’s website was down and the cyber security team was working to restore it.

Private-sector Mahan Air is the nation’s second-largest airline after Iran Air.

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