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Why Iran is a better destination for revision rhinoplasty than other countries?

Surely you have seen people around you who have had nose surgery once but were not satisfied with the result and have had this cosmetic surgery for the second time. Or you may have experienced rhinoplasty yourself once, but for various reasons, you are not satisfied with the initial operation and want to have it again.

But is revision rhinoplasty different from primary surgery? What care should be taken before and after this operation? Can performing this surgery in Iran have better advantages than in other countries? When do you decide to have your nose operated on for the second time?

We decided to answer all your questions about a revision rhinoplasty in this guide. Stay with us.

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision Rhinoplasty is a type of rhinoplasty that can be performed for both treatment and cosmetic purposes.

This type of operation is a therapeutic restoration of the nose. But the second type that most people are familiar with is revision with the goal of beauty. This type of operation, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is performed because the person has had a nose job once but is not satisfied with the result and decides to have the operation again. This surgery helps the patient reach their goal of having a perfect nose.

Who needs revision rhinoplasty?

If, after the first rhinoplasty and passing a long time, the patient feels that his nose is still having problems in terms of appearance or breathing, he can refer to the best ENT specialist for the second operation. The most common problems that need to be repaired are:

Deformity of the nose after the first operation

Postoperative nasal deformity and appearance problems cause the person to lose self-confidence and be forced to undergo surgery a second time. If the doctor is not familiar with the up-to-date techniques of rhinoplasty and does not use the appropriate method to solve the problems of the nose, after a while, the nose not only loses its original postoperative form but also takes on an improper shape, which the problem must be corrected with revision rhinoplasty.

before after revision rhinoplasty

Problem in breathing, after first rhinoplasty

Some people have trouble in smelling after rhinoplasty, or their nose sounds disturbing to others. If the doctor is not skilled, he may damage the olfactory nerve during the operation.

In this case, solving this problem will be irreparable even after revision rhinoplasty. Proper surgery of the nasal structure and paying attention to the person’s smell is one of the most important points during the operation, which depends on the precision and delicacy of the surgeon.

Fortunately, revision rhinoplasty surgeries in Iran are performed using the best specialists and surgeons who are very professional and experienced in their work due to the high demand for rhinoplasty in Iran and abroad.

Growing fibrosis on nose after the operation

The insufficient ability of the doctor to perform surgical techniques causes the nose to develop fibrosis or so-called excess flesh on the skin. This problem is due to the fact that the body has produced too much fibrous tissue to repair the surgical wound.

A surgeon with delicacy at work can prevent this from happening. Revision rhinoplasty helps correct excess nasal flesh.

Why is Iran a good destination for revision rhinoplasty? And why do people choose Iran for this operation?

A wide variety of reasons such as providing high-quality services, low and affordable costs, increasing satisfaction, compared to countries such as Canada, Australia or the United States has led some foreign tourists to perform revision rhinoplasty in Iran.

In addition, Iran is a country with wonderful nature and you can experience all four different seasons of the year in every corner of this country. For this reason, this country can be considered as a unique place to spend the post-surgery period.

In conclusion, the most important things that can attract tourists to perform surgeries are as follows:

  • High-quality surgical services
  • Having the best doctors and specialists in the field of beauty
  • Reasonable and affordable price for all cosmetic procedures
  • Increase patient satisfaction

patience ready for revision rhinoplasty


The costs of revision rhinoplasty in Iran

We can say that Iran has one of the best and most unique plastic surgery markets in the world! So that Iran’s neighbors, including Iraq, Kuwait, etc., travel to Iran to perform this operation to perform their revision rhinoplasty under the supervision of the best Iranian surgeons.

Regarding the costs of this surgery, it should be said that there is no fixed figure for the best revision rhinoplasty cost in Iran, but the costs of the operation according to items such as: type of nose, defects, clinic costs, operating room costs, specialization Surgeon etc. is variable.