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Defense ministry official praises golden age of Iran-Russia ties

An Iranian deputy defense minister hailed the close regional and international cooperation with Russia,including in the fight against terrorism and extremism, pointing to the golden age of relations between the two states.

Heading a military delegation, Iranian Deputy Defense Minister for Coordination General Saeed Sha’banian held a meeting with Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Alexander Fomin in Moscow.

Highlighting the close regional and international cooperation between Tehran and Moscow, the Iranian general said the relations between the two states have entered a golden age in light of determination of their high-ranking officials.

He also pointed to the successful experience of joint action by Iran and Russia in the war against terrorism and extremism that led to the termination of Daesh caliphate in Syria, saying such interaction has pushed Iran and Russia closer to a common understanding and view of regional issues and developments.

Sha’banian also lauded the positive course of cooperation between the defense ministries of Iran and Russia in recent years, stressing that more meetings and increased consultations between the military officials of the two countries will strengthen mutual trust and promote mutual cooperation.

Iran and Russia have formed a strong alliance in recent years, with both supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s legitimate government against foreign-backed militancy.