Iran’s Embassy in Britain says Iran’s role in region significant

Iran’s Embassy in Britain here on Tuesday reacting to a talk between the US and Saudi foreign ministers emphasized that Tehran’s role in regional developments is quite significant, reiterating: Iran cannot be the subject of others’ negotiations.

“Everyone should realize that Iran cannot be the subject of others’ negotiations, as it has been proved that such methods are useless and defeated,” wrote the Iranian Embassy in a tweet.
The Iranian Embassy added in the message: On the contrary, Iran can be a strong side of any negotiation, on condition that its power as a pillar of the region’s security will be recognized and its interests will be dully respected.
Faisal Bin-Farhan, the Saudi foreign minister had earlier talked with the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on regional developments.
The Saudi foreign minister had in his twitter page announced that in his talks with his American counterpart he had also discussed strategic cooperation with the United States.
The talk took place after the recent replacement of the UN Special Envoy in Yemen Affairs Martin Griffith from Britain with Hans Grundberg from Sweden.
The US secretary of state welcomed the appointment of the new UN envoy in Yemen, and his Saudi counterpart, too, did the same and wished him success in accomplishing his duties.
Faisal Bin-Farhan had on Saturday claimed that his country supports all proposed political solutions for the Yemen crisis.
Saudi Arabia seeks a solution for Yemen war that will ensure that country’s interests and hopes to gain the leading role in such an initiative and exert its hegemony at any rate.
Meanwhile, Washington has during the past couple of days tried to blame Iran for the incidents which occurred earlier in the Sea of Oman and to establish a global coalition against Tehran, which has always established peace and security in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.