Iran, Switzerland seeking to promote police diplomacy

Iran’s International Police Chief Brigadier General Hadi Shirazi said in a meeting with the Swiss Ambassador to Tehran on Tuesday that police diplomacy and scientific-educational exchange in this area between Iran and Switzerland should improve.

General Shirazi touched on different dimensions of police diplomacy and Iran’s International Police activities and said that speeding up meeting demands of Iranian citizens abroad, especially those who live in member states of Interpol, is of high importance to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He called upon follow-up of common police issues between Iran and Switzerland, including the illegal trade of medical equipment, food, counterfeit good, criminal cases and effectively addressing fugitive criminals, especially in organized crimes.

Offering a favorite assessment of communications between officials from both countries, Shirazi explained the international goals and missions of Iran’s International Police and proposals to improve interactions.

Swiss Ambassador to Tehran Markus Leitner, in turn, said that he was ready to create opportunities and remove obstacles to achieve defined goals.