Rouhani tells Erdogan unity only way to counter US unilateral measures

President Hassan Rouhani said in a phone call with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that the only way to counter the US unilateral and illegal measures is unity and solidarity of the sanctioned countries.

Saying that Iran and Turkey are two influential countries in the region and have good growing relations with each other, President Rouhani supported Turkey against the US sanctions and stressed strengthening the cooperation between Tehran and Ankara for countering the common threats and solving regional issues.

Urging Turkey to increase trade with Iran through preferential trade agreement, he mentioned acceleration of implementation of the agreements of the 6th Meeting of the Turkey-Iran High Level Cooperation Council and expressed Iran’s readiness to host the 28th Session of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Turkey.

Referring to the illegal behaviors of previous US administration, Rouhani said that removing the sanctions is a legal and logical demand of Iran, which has repeatedly been stressed that Iran will go back to its nuclear commitments with the sanctions removed.

As stated before, Iran’s strategy will be measure for measure, he added.

Saying that Iran has always supported peaceful methods to solve the Syrian crisis, he stressed the cooperation between Iran, Turkey, and Russia to solve the problems of Syria, including return of the refugees and drafting of the constitution.

He also mentioned the Karabakh crisis between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the ceasefire between the two neighboring countries, adding that Iran’s approach is solving the crisis through dialog and negotiation.

Welcoming the initiative of regional cooperation between Iran, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, President Rouhani said that the plan can be highly beneficial to all the parties and that Iran is ready to cooperate with regional countries in specialized fields.

President Erdoğan stressed expanding mutual ties, holding the meeting of the joint commission, promoting commercial relations, especially with use of preferential trade capacities, and having effective talks for strengthening peace and security of the region.

He also reiterated using the positive atmosphere and international relations for solving the problems and removing the unfair US sanctions through diplomatic solutions and dialog.