FM Zarif says Iran uses regional frameworks to reduce tensions in region

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Thursday that Iran is trying to use regional frameworks to assuage tensions in the region and broaden cooperation.

Zarif said that “our region has been through very difficult conditions and now we need to go through those difficulties”.

“We must use the new conditions for cooperation in the region to ensure that war and conflict do not happen again in our region,” he added.

Referring to Iran’s consultations with Georgia, Zarif noted that not only Iran and Georgia have a longstanding relationship, but also the bilateral cooperation in the field of transit is very good.

He further noted that Iran and Georgia discuss bilateral relations besides the exchange of views on regional cooperation.

“We know the sensitivities of our friends in Georgia about some countries, and we strive to use regional frameworks to cooperate and reduce tensions,” Zarif stressed.

Pointing to the new international conditions, he underscored that Iran hopes that in the talks with Georgia, the obstacles to mutual cooperation would be eliminated or reduced, adding that the two sides would move towards greater cooperation.

Referring to the positive cooperation between Iran and Georgia in the field of transit, he stated that Iran talked with both Azerbaijan and Armenia about the southwest corridor that ends in Georgia and goes through Georgia to the Black Sea, adding that this route can be very useful for Iran, Georgia and the countries of the route.

Mohammad Javad Zarif has traveled to Azerbaijan, Russia, and Armenia in recent days as a diplomatic tour and held discussions with officials of those countries.

The visit to Georgia takes place on the fourth leg of his regional tour which will then take him to Turkey.

Zarif has said that his regional tour aims to help de-escalate regional tensions and boost cooperation with neighboring countries.