Iran capable of confronting enemy’s assassination tech, says defense Minister

Iran’s defense chief says the Islamic Republic is capable of overcoming the technological methods deployed by the enemy to carry out targeted killings inside the country, describing martyr Fakhrizadeh’s assassination ‘a black use of technology’.

“While technologies are primarily created for the betterment of human life,” Brigadier General Amir Hatami said, ” Fakhrizadeh’s assassination ‘a black use of technology’.”

“We have the ability to counter the technologies used by the enemy for assassination, but since the time and place of assassination is determined by the enemy, they have the upper hand and the point is that they apply innovative assassination plans each time,” he added.

The minister continued: “The scientific progress of the country is so important for the enemy that it assassinates our scientists, and the goal of the enemy is to suggest our youths that it does not tolerate progress in the areas that provide the scientific and defense independence of Iran.”

“But every time a terrorist attack takes place, the more talented and motivated youth come to us to continue the path of these martyrs,” he underlined.