Maximum pressure policy ‘maximum defeat’ for Americans

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman noted that today all countries have realized that the US policy of maximum pressure has resulted in a ‘maximum defeat’ for the United States.

Speaking in a weekly press conference on Sunday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman answered some questions over recent developments at the international level.

Answering a question over Iran’s reaction to the possible return of US to the table of JCPOA following Biden’s residence at the White House, the Iranian diplomat said, “We carefully and vigilantly follow all developments and statements, however until a government is established in the United States, we cannot comment on such issues.”

What matters to the Islamic Republic is Americans’ behavior, not their statements and claims, he stressed.

Referring to the prospects of the relations of Iran and the United States, he said, “The future of Iran-US relations is not simple due to Americans’ crimes against the Iranian nation from backing the Regime of Saddam in Imposed War to economic sanctions and assassinating General Soleimani.”

Iran will never forget the list of US crimes against the Iranian nation, and in this regard, Iran’s demands from the United States will never change, he said.

“Today, everyone has realized the fact that the policy of maximum pressure had led to a ‘maximum defeat’ for the United States, and that anyone in the White House had no choice but to respect the rights of the Iranian people.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he spoke about the summoning of the Italian envoy to Foreign Ministry on November 17, he said, “Following the destructive and anti-human rights moves of Canada in terms of supporting US economic terrorism and counter-revolutionary movements, we summoned the Italian ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose country represents Canadian interests in Iran”

“We expect the Government of Canada to live up to its commitments and to abandon double standards in its performances”, Khatibazaded underlined.
Although there are different areas in which the two sides have good cooperation, the Canadian government’s approach has been destructive over the years, he added.

Else were in his remarks, Khatib Zadeh, reacted to Mike Pompeo’s trip to the occupied territories of Palestine, saying, “Today, were it not for the betrayal of some Arab rulers, the US Secretary of State would not have gone to the Occupied Territories so as to whitewash any inhumane act of the Zionist Regime and to violate UN resolutions.”

Shameful acts of the current White House regime and the betrayal of some of the Arab rulers to the Palestinian cause are two sides of the same coin, he said adding, and the compromisers must know that their tie normalizing with the Zionist Regime, backed by Trump’s administration, was not only a chance for achievement but a beginning for many problems and difficulties.

Khatib Zade also spoke about Iran’s principled policy towards Azerbaijan and Armenia’s conflict over Karabakh.

Referring to remarks of the Azeri President that Iran prevented the shipment of weapons to Armenia, he stressed “We did not allow any side to transfer weapons, this is not just about one side but about all sides.”

Stating that Iran is not indifferent to the development of the region, he said, “We are trying to resolve this decades-old crisis through peaceful means and within the framework of the international law.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman also criticized Saudi Arabia’s support for designating the Yemeni Ansarullah movement in the US Department of State’s list for terrorist groups.

“This is not surprising. For several years, Saudi Arabia has been killing the innocent people of Yemen through cluster bombs, putting them in an all-out famine”, he said.

Stating that Iran will always stand by the Yemeni people, he said “The only way to end Yemen crisis is to recognize the will of the Yemeni people and the Yemeni talks through international processes.”


Source: MNA