Trump’s abuse of JCPOA not to help in his re-election: MP

MNA – Deputy Chairman of the Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission believes that Trump’s hasty moves in abusing the JCPOA to reach his domestic goals on the eve on the US 2020 election are doomed to failure.

Abbas Moghtadaei made the remarks on Saturday in reaction to US threats to activate anti-Iran sanctions, maintaining, “According to international standards and law, Trump’s behavior is the behavior of a person who is backward in international law, and his clumsy moves in the international arena has no longer left any credibility for the career of a US president.”

US withdrawal from JCPOA, ignoring its commitments under the international law, and abusing international organizations in favor of achieving internal goals of the country on the eve of the US presidential election, are the facts that today, the international community is facing with it, Moghtadaei said added, “The US efforts to broker a relationship between its Persian Gulf allies with the fake Zionist regime has been also in line with this issue and now, regional nations are aware that Trump is illegally using all options to win the 2020 election.”

Regarding the fact that Trump’s administration is no longer a member of the JCPOA, therefore the US cannot take advantage of its (JCPOA) mechanisms, he stressed.

He also referred to Iran’s reaction to the United States in this regard, adding that, “We believe that Trump’s hasty moves are all in vain, and we have observed different scenarios to deal with this country’s idiocy.”

Stressing that the Iranian parliament, the government, the National Security Council have the same and united opinion over standing against the US bullying, the lawmaker said, “Having both internal and necessary external facilities, Iran is a reach country who can act independently at the international level and in the field of adopting some deterrent measures.”