Judiciary chief: US, European states supporters of drug traffickers

IRNA – Iran’s Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raeisi said on Sunday that the United States and European countries support drug traffickers, and some countries in the region also make money from the transit and distribution of drugs.

Addressing a meeting on the review of the process of combating drugs, he said that the issue of narcotics is one of the most prioritized issues in the country, and dealing with it requires public determination of top brass of the country.

Today, the issue of drugs threatens the foundation of the families and the youth and has become a problem that has created many challenges in the cultural, social, economic and moral spheres, and everyone must deal with it with sensitively, Raeisi said.

Stressing the need to intensify combatting drug trafficking, he said, “In a world where the US and some European countries are supporting the poppy cultivation and drug traffickers are trafficking drugs under the umbrella of the US fleet, we should not pin hopes on foreign aid in the fight against drug trafficking.”

The actions of international organizations in support of Iran in the fight against narcotics do not go beyond words and awarding medals, and they do not have a serious resolve to eradicate narcotics and the problem of addiction, he said, noting that this is while it is no secret that Iran has the most honest approach in this regard.