Enemies try to shut down Iran due to coronavirus: Rouhani

MNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, the enemies wanted to shut down Iran under the pretext of this disease.

Speaking on ُSaturday at the meeting of the heads of the committees of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, President Rouhani said, “Shutting down the country under the pretext of fighting coronavirus was the wish of the enemy and their propaganda system, which failed, adding, “We will certainly defeat the virus, but we combine “health” with “activity” along with following all health protocols.”

Rouhani once again called the juxtaposition of ‘life and bread’, ‘health and religion’ and ‘health and education’ as incorrect, and stressed that “closing schools is the easiest way”, stating, “Our only problem is not just a virus; The main issue is to maintain the health of the body and soul of the people and the continuity of life and spirituality among them.”

The President appreciated the strict observance of health protocols in the first ten-day period of Muharram month, citing the report of the Ministry of Health and Education, and emphasized on the continued strict implementation of health protocols in the occasions and mourning ceremonies of the following days of Muharram and Safar months.

The president also stressed the importance of holding face-to-face classes at universities, saying that university classes should be face-to-face and active where possible.

Rouhani said, “I thank all the maraji, and especially the Supreme Leader, who guided the people both verbally and in practice, as well as the media. Thank God, the glorious mourning ceremonies of Muharram month were carried out in accordance with the protocols, and it was very important that it was reported here that 80% of the population across the country implemented the protocols well.”

Referring to the reopening of schools, the President said, “In the seven months since the outbreak of coronavirus in many countries, the closure of schools and the forced stay of children at home has created psychological problems for children and families. Children’s going to school and attending that social atmosphere creates a beautiful relationship between home and school for the upbringing of children.”

Rouhani said, “Attending school is not just about learning lessons and knowledge, but attending school brings about education and learning of morals and social skills for children, so it was decided to start school activities.”

“At the same time, we strongly urge all teachers and school officials and educational institutions to priorities the health of students and children in this regard,” said the President.

The president also stressed the importance of holding face-to-face classes at universities, saying that university classes should be face-to-face and active where possible.

Rouhani said, “Today, schools and universities have officially started their activities, and we will definitely talk with the Minister of Science in Thursday’s meeting this week. University classes should be held face-to-face and active where possible.”

The President expressed hope that in schools, as well as businesses and offices, the rate of observance of health protocols is above 70 and 80 percent, adding, “It is true that human power and knowledge is not endless, but we must also take into account that human beings are not doomed to extinction and we will finally find a vaccine and a cure for this virus”.

Rouhani stated that in the seven difficult months that we went through with the outbreak of coronavirus, we also gained valuable experiences, adding, “In these seven months, not only the United States, as a wicked enemy, did not help the Iranian nation at all, but also friendly countries did not step forward to help Iran by accepting the danger in these difficult conditions, and therefore the Iranian nation well understood that it must stand on its own two feet in this world.”

Iranian President pointed out, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has a brilliant performance in all areas and is comparable to the most advanced countries in the world, including in the field of disease management and successful performance of medical staff, even compared to many leading and large countries in the field of advanced health systems.”

He stated, “The rumors spread by the counter-revolutionaries and the enemies about the fatigue and exhaustion of the medical staff are not true at all, and although the work pressure on our medical staff is high, our health and medical staff are committed to the protection of the country’s health.”