Iranian artists sympathize with Lebanon over casualties of Beirut explosion

IRNA – Iran’s Minister of Culture wrote in a Twitter message on Thursday that the artists of the country sympathize with the people of Lebanon over the explosion that happened in Beirut on Tuesday night.

Expressing condolences over the sad incident, Abbas Salehi tweeted that he was supposed to participate in a webinar about world cultural relations with the Lebanese minister of culture and some Arab intellectuals on Wednesday, but the tragedy happened and Lebanon got bereaved.

A warehouse that contained ammonium nitrate caught fire in the Beirut Port on Tuesday afternoon, triggering a huge explosion. The massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut claiming more than 100 lives and injuring about 4,000 people. Several smaller explosions were heard before the bigger one occurred.

Lebanon’s Supreme Defense Council, chaired by President Michel Oun, has declared three-day mourning in Lebanon.