Coronavirus-related curbs extended in Iran over fears of second wave

Press TV – Iran is extending its coronavirus-related restrictions in a bid to prevent the possibility of a second wave amid rising cases of infection and deaths in different parts of the country.

The Health Ministry has warned that the virus does not appear to be affected by seasonality, as the nationwide death toll continues to remain relatively unchanged.

Despite its efforts in containing the outbreak, the government has taken steps to restore a sense of normalcy in everyday life. However, it has called on Tehran and other hard-hit provinces to re-impose the restrictions that were lifted earlier to help re-engage the economy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says despite sanctions and restrictions imposed by the United States, Iran has managed – through a series of strict lockdowns and travel restrictions – to bring the virus under control since it first emerged in the country late last year.

The recent spike in new infections has drawn new measures, including mandatory mask-wearing in shops and public places.

The Health Ministry is urging people to observe all health protocols and practice distancing in public and crowded places in the upcoming days. It has also warned that the nationwide restrictions may be extended until August, if necessary.