Official: US Independence Day turns to day of shame for American rulers

IRNA – Secretary of Iranian Judiciary’s Headquarters for Human Rights Ali Baqeri-Kani said torching the US’ flag by its citizens has turned the Independence Day in this country into day of shame for American rulers and US sovereignty.

Baqeri-Kani said news reported by Western media show that US protestors have torched the US flag to show opposition against Trump’s speech on the occasion of the Independence Day.

They called for destroying all symbols of slavery and racism all around the US, he added.

Today, more than any time, the world praises the Iranian nation’s strategic intelligence in standing against the US regime’s bullying which is crystallized in ‘Down with US’ slogan.

He noted that the US flag is now known inside the US as symbol of slavery, racism and arrogance.

The outcry of the Americans protesting against Washington rulers at White House and the US Congress on the occasion of the Independence Day has further indicated the gap between US rulers and people.

It also revealed the unfounded claim of liberal democracy in creating human society.

Earlier, Iranian Foreign Ministry in a message said that longstanding habit of plundering wealth of other nations and coercion have made the US leaders not to recognize freedom of others.

In recent days, American people poured into streets to protest against the death of George Floyd – a black man who was unarmed and was murdered by the US police putting pressure on his throat until he choked.

Last Tuesday, some 240 members of Iran’s parliament issued a statement, condemning the US police racial terrorism against American people.

“Once again the US police racial terrorism against the defenseless black draw the curtain from the inhumane nature of the United States’ regime. George Floyd was only one of the hundreds of African-Americans who are brutally killed every year by the US police,” the statement reads.