Iran’s Navy Commander: Supersonic missiles production atop agenda

FNA – Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said that Iran will soon develop the third generation of supersonic missiles, adding that new turbofan engines will be used to accelerate the speed of the supersonic missiles in near future.

There will be changes in the engines of the Navy’s missiles that will enable them to tolerate higher temperature for longer time, Khanzadi said.

He added that the fueling and navigation systems of the Navy will also undergo changes.

Rear Admiral Khanzadi noted, “Today we have reached the range of 300 kilometers and we will achieve a bedazzling range in near future.”

He said that the Navy is also pursuing production of the generation of Talaeey-e missiles, adding, “The missiles that have been used as cruise today, are of the infrasonic generation and they will fly with supersonic speed soon.”

In sum, we are trying to make the missiles capable of vertical flight as this will enable us to station more missiles on the deck of the ships to shoot at a variety of targets, Khanzadi further said.

In June, the Admiral had stressed his forces’ full determination and preparedness to defend the country against enemies’ threats.

Iranian Navy forces are standing firmly against all enemies’ plots and are afraid of no threat, Rear Admiral Khanzadi said on June 10.

Iranian soldiers have always stood for establishing security and keeping the global arrogance away from Iranian borders, especially in the sea.