Spox: Terrorist act in Turkish soil behind a halt in export of Iran’s gas

IRNA – Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi stated on Monday that the reason behind the two-month stop in the export of Iran’s gas to Turkey is a terrorist act that occurred in the soil of the neighboring country.

A halt in Iran’s oil exports to Turkey has no political or economic reasons, Mousavi said addressing his weekly press conference.

Mousavi urged the other side to take measures to solve the problem and repair [the pipes] soon.

The issue may be among the questions about which Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will talk with Turkish officials during his ongoing visit to Istanbul, Mousavi noted.

** Unilateralism

About the US unilateralism, Mousavi said the US moves have threatened Europe’s energy security.

The United States has recently threatened Germany regarding the issue of Nord Stream- a project system of the offshore gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.

About the threat, Mousavi said Iran has been voicing for years that keeping silent on the US bullying will ultimately tangle the world.

Iran welcomes Germany’s reaction to the US measure that has put Europe’s energy security in danger, he added.

** Sanctioning ICC staff

Speaking about the US move to sanction judges and staff members of the International Criminal Court, Mousavi said such an act shows the US eagerness to follow anarchism to violate the world order.

Reportedly, US President Donal Trump issued an executive order on Thursday to sanction staff members of the International Criminal Court which investigates the possible role of the US soldiers in committing war crimes in Afghanistan.

Also about the recent letter sent by the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to the UN Secretary-General António Guterres and President of the UN Security Council Nicolas de Rivière to express disagreement with the US move to make the UN approve the extension of the arms embargo against Iran, Mousavi said Iran appreciates such a letter and calls on other independent countries across the world to stand against the US unilateralism.

** Judge Mansouri

Asked about the role of Iran’s Embassy in Romania in detention of Judge Gholam Reza Mansouri, the spokesman said he had come to the embassy to ask for how to return home.

As Mousavi said, INTERPOL- the International Criminal Police Organization- had been chasing him.

To deal with such cases, the Iranian Foreign Ministry tries to facilitate legal measures to be taken.

** Referendum in Palestine

A referendum in Palestine is a proposal made by the Islamic Republic, he announced.

** US presence in the region

As the diplomat said, the US presence in the region has caused insecurity.

Iran is not concerned about the US exit from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and other regional states because the country believes that this is the US presence which has led to insecurity.