Any IAEA’s counterproductive decision to be met with Iran’s proper response: Mousavi

ISNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi criticized the International Atomic Energy Agency’s recent report on Iran and said, “They are trying to reopen a closed case based on the US and Zionist regime’s allegations about Iran’s legal nuclear activities”.

Speaking at a weekly press conference on Monday, Mousavi said, “The IAEA should appreciate Iran’s cooperation. Any IAEA’s counterproductive decision will be met with Iran’s proper response”.

“We advise the IAEA to be realistic in this regard. We recommend it to refer to the reliable documents and good cooperation of the Islamic Republic with the IAEA and not to issue a report based on the US and Zionist regime’s allegations. We hope that the recent meeting of the IAEA leads to a result that would be useful and constructive for maintaining the international security,” Mousavi went on to say.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Mousavi announced that three mediators of Astana peace process –Russia, Turkey and Iran- will hold a videoconference at the presidential level on the ongoing situation in Syria.

“It is highly likely that the videoconference of Iranian, Russian and Turkish presidents will be held in the near future,” he added.

“The exact date of the conference will be set during Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s current visit to Turkey and Russia,” Mousavi stressed.

Mousavi also pointed to the UN report which claims missiles that hit Armaco were of Iranian origin, saying it is perfectly in line with the US new policy and plot against Iran.

“The claim is baseless and is based on the accusation made against Iran by Saudi Arabia and the United States,” he said.

Stating that Iran did not receive any evidence and document that the missiles were of Iranian origin, Mousavi stated, “The UN Secretary-General has been pressured by some countries to issue a report that is baseless”.

About Iran’s legal action to free billions of dollars of its oil money frozen in South Korea’s banks due to the US sanctions, Mousavi said, “Our action is not anything new, as we have been pursuing the money South Korea owes us for a long time”.

“South Korea has subjected more than half a century of relations with us to interference from others. South Korea’s blind obedience to the US and its move to use the unilateral US pressures as an excuse for blocking Iran’s assets are not acceptable to us.”

Mousavi also pointed to anti-Iranian measures taken by some specific groups in Afghanistan and said Tehran has good ties with Kabul and is keen to develop relations with its neighboring country.

“However, Iran sees propaganda against the government as unacceptable,” he added.

“Iran has always encouraged peace in Afghanistan and hosted warmly its Afghan sisters and brothers for four decades; meanwhile, Tehran cannot close its eyes on some illegal acts,” the spokesman emphasized.