Iran calls for removal of inhumane sanctions against Syria

FNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi stressed Tehran’s support for Syria, and urged lifting of all sanctions that have impeded Damascus’ endeavors to reconstruct the war-ravaged country.

“Iran announces its support for the Syrian nation and government, and strongly urges the lifting of all inhumane sanctions against the country,” Mousavi said on Friday.

He described more EU and US sanctions against Syria “an illegal and inhumane act”, adding, “The most negative impacts of such sanctions will be inflicted upon the Syrian people and ordinary citizens.”

In a relevant event on May 27, Iranian and UN officials in a meeting in Tehran conferred on the latest developments in Syria, stressing the need for sending humanitarian aid to the war-hit country to soothe the crisis amid the coronavirus epidemic.

UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Syria Geir O. Pedersen held a phone conversation with Senior Assistant to Iran’s Foreign Minister in Special Political Affairs Ali Asqar Khaji in Tehran on Wednesday.

During the phone talk, the latest developments in the political field, humanitarian issues, problems of the Syrian people and holding the next meeting of the constitution committee were discussed.

Both sides underlined the need to send humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, specially given the coronavirus outbreak, assisting the Syrian refugees to return to their homes and continued political process to resolve problems in the country.

Khaji, for his part, called for the removal of illegal and inhumane sanctions against the Syrian nation, stressing the necessity for the establishment of stability and security in Syria and continued fight against terrorism.

Iran has helped the Syrian government and people in confrontation against the terrorist groups which had occupied the country.

It has also underlined its readiness to assist the country in reconstruction efforts which has been welcomed by the Syria side.

In relevant remarks earlier in May, Khaji had underlined continued cooperation among Iran, Russia and Syria in fighting terrorist groups.

“The strategic cooperation among Russia, Syria and Iran in line with the fight against the ominous phenomenon of terrorism and the ongoing consultations of the three countries to settle the crisis in Syria politically will continue,” Khaji said in a meeting with Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Adnan Hassan Mahmoud.

He also reiterated Tehran’s firm support for Syria in combat against terrorism.

Khaji pointed to the continued US unilateral sanctions against the Syrian nation in the conditions of coronavirus outbreak and the crisis in the country, stressing the need for the international community to support the Syrian nation and the country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity within the framework of the international laws and fight against terrorism.

Mahmoud, for his part, referred to the strategic ties between Tehran and Damascus, and emphasized the importance of continued consultations between the two countries at bilateral and regional levels.