Iran claims fuel shipment to Venezuela perfectly legal

Al-Monitor – In today’s Iran media roundup, Tehran condemned possible US interference with Iranian shipments of fuel to Venezuela.

Iran is currently in a standoff with the United States regarding shipment of fuel to Venezuela, an issue has the potential to ignite tensions between the two countries. US officials have said they will consider taking measures to prevent Iran from doing so. Both Iran and Venezuela are under US sanctions.

Spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi said today, “Free trade between independent countries is a legal act. What is illegal is robbery in the sea, which the US is the leader of.” He continued, “[President Donald] Trump’s America is undoing world order and ignoring norms and is seeking world anarchy.” He added that what US officials said about the Iranian ship carrying fuel to Venezuela is “shameless and their actions will be met with our response.”

Mousavi said that Iran has issued warnings about possible US actions against the shipment of fuel to Venezuela through the Swiss embassy, which acts as an intermediary between the United States and Iran as well as the United Nations.

Spokesman for the President Hassan Rouhani administration Ali Rabiei also spoke up, saying, “No country is required to follow unilateral US sanctions and we have a responsibility to fulfill our commitments to Venezuela and this was at their request.”

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