In the year of Surge in Production, the government will do its best to implement this motto by Leader in practice: Rouhani – At the end of the inauguration ceremony of 4 infrastructure and development projects in Fars province, which was held through a video conference, the President thanked all those involved in the implementation and operation of these projects and said, “In the year of ‘Surge in Production’, we will do our best to put Supreme Leader’s motto into practice”. 

Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “I am confident that the rest of our organs, the armed forces and the private sector will work to achieve this, and I hope that we will be able to open other projects alternately this year as much as possible”.

We will not give up trying to produce and create jobs during the outbreak of coronavirus, he said, adding, “This year is a difficult year for employment, and we hope we can ease these problems with each other’s help”.