Chinese Muslim leader hopes Iran will pass coronavirus ordeal

IRNA – The head of Muslim community of Shanghai said on Monday that Iran will pass the ordeal of coronavirus soon.

Sheikh Musa also contributed 30,000 surgery masks to Iran.

In the meeting that took place at Iranian consulate general in Shanghai, Sheikh Musa hoped that people of Iran will pass the hard times and defeat the coronavirus as soon as possible with reliance on God.

Iranian Consul-General Ramezan Parvaz said in the meeting that the longstanding warm relationship between the Iranians and the Chinese nations, especially the Muslim community, is heart-warming.

Parvaz said that Iranians, based on the teachings of Islam, stood by the people of China when fighting the coronavirus and that the cordial ties and the spirit of sympathy between the Chinese and Iranians were fully observed in the fight the coronavirus.

He added that China provided Iran with medical supplies when the people of Iran were in dire need because the US has put the country under arbitrary sanctions in total disregard of basic human rights.

The administration and people of Shanghai has so far sent four shipments of medical needs to Iran to fight coronavirus.

Head of Iran’s Health Ministry Public Relations Office Kianoush Jahanpour said on Sunday that a total of 13,938 have been infected with the coronavirus. Unfortunately, 724 people have lost their lives.

Some 4,790 people have survived and were discharged from hospitals.