Coronavirus focus of consultations between Iran, 72 countries via Video Conference

IRNA – Deputy Minister of Science for International Affairs Hossein Salar Amoli, and Deputy Minister of Science for Education Ali Khaki Sediq held video conference (webinar) consultation with Ministers of Science and Directors of Technology of over 72 Countries with the Covid-19 in the focus.

This webinar was held by Iran’s deputy minister of science and ministers of science of France, China, Mexico, Italy, Japan, and the UAE on Wednesday as presiding board ministers and representatives of other countries via video conference.

Khaki Sediq, the deputy minister of science, said the purpose of the meeting was how to continue to teach students due to the coronavirus outbreak.

He stated that the closure of universities, research centers and schools came after the outbreak of the coronavirus, and will continue to ensure safe conditions for students.

Sediq noted that given that in some universities and institutes of higher education of the Islamic Republic of Iran over past years appropriate infrastructure and capacity in the virtual and distance education system created online and offline, the crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus is somewhat managed in Iran and in the education sector.

Deputy Director of Education of the Ministry of Science pointed out that given that the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) is designing and delivering curricula on a timely basis and providing students with prior announcements, the state of education and research in the country is acceptable.