Iran to focus more on digital economy

Tasnim – Iran’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology unveiled plans to increase the share of digital businesses in the country’s economy.

In comments on Saturday, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said digital economy will soon become the most important part of the global economy, which is why all countries have been involved in the process of digital revolution.

“Digital economy is not an option, but a must,” the minister said, adding that Iran should also keep pace with the rest of the world and employ the modern potential to boost its economy.

“As information technology-based companies in the world have managed to replace the oil giants and traditional industries, the new businesses will soon replace top money-making companies in Iran as well,” the minister stated.

The first step in the digital revolution is promotion of information technology, Azari Jahromi said, adding that his ministry has made “strategic investment” to make a “smart Iran based upon digital economy”.