Zarif: Iran believes in diplomacy not renegotiating UNSC resolution

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday stressed the fact that Iran believes in diplomacy but not in renegotiation of the previously agreed UNSC resolutions.

“Told #Raisina2020 that Iran believes in diplomacy: but not in re-negotiating a UNSC Resolution we agreed on with 6 Governments & EU,” Zarif tweeted on Wednesday.

“We did not sign an “Obama deal” to go for a “Trump deal” now,” he added.

Zarif noted: “Even if we did, who’s to say we won’t need Biden, Sanders or Warren deal next year?”

Zarif who is in New Delhi to attend 2020 Raisina Dialogue, earlier said “I negotiated with the Secretary of State of the US, he negotiated with the Foreign Minister of Iran.”

“I deliver on every point I signed onto and you don’t have to trust me, you trust the …. reports of IAEA including 5 reports after President Trump,” he reiterated.

“The US did not implement its commitments and it has withdrawn,” Zarif said.

“The United States did not implement its commitments and it has withdrawn,” the Iranian Foreign Minister stressed.

“I’d listened to President Trump that today he repeated what Prime Minister Johnson imprudently said yesterday that we want a Trump deal and President Trump is very happy.”
Zarif said: “I had a US deal and the US broke it.”