Tehran Municipality resorts to failed plans to curb Tehran air pollution

Financial Tribune – As air pollution in Tehran has worsened over the past several days, urban managers held an emergency meeting on Friday to take remedial actions

While the Iranian capital has been suffocating under a blanket of smog that has refused to budge over the past seven days, urban managers seem to be content taking ineffectual measures in the hope of controlling the worsening condition.

In a meeting held on Friday, Air Pollution Emergency Committee announced universities and schools of all grades will be closed on Saturday to minimize their outdoor exposure, Tasnim News Agency reported.

When air pollution hits an emergency level, representatives from Tehran City Council, Traffic Police, Tehran Municipality and Department of Environment, along with those of interior and health ministries, convene the committee to tackle the phenomenon.

After the meeting, Mohammad Taqizadeh, an official with Tehran Governorate, who is also a member of the committee, told reporters that Tehran-based polluting industries, including cement and asphalt factories, have been ordered to halt operation until further notice.

“Heavy-duty vehicles are also prohibited from entering the capital city until the committee announces an update,” he added.