Iranian mission in London rejects RSF’s allegations against envoy Ba’eidinejad

FNA – The Iranian embassy in Britain dismissed allegations that Ambassador to London Hamid Ba’eidinejad has threatened the journalists.

“The allegations against the ambassador of Iran to the UK issued by the Reporters Sans Frontiere (RSF) and carried by some Western media are categorically false and rejected. Ambassador Ba’eidinejad has never threatened anyone, let alone any journalist,” the embassy said in a statement early Monday.

It referred to Ba’eidinejad’s remarks, saying that his comments that “some self-exiled Iranians, who may or may not be employed as journalists by foreign-backed networks, are activists working to undermine the system of government in their homeland, is not a threat (and) it is a fact”.

RSF had claimed last week that Ba’eidinejad “has been threatening these (the Perisan-language) media and journalists (working in anti-Iran media) on Twitter”

Iranian ministry of intelligence released a statement early November, announcing that it considered any cooperation with the adversary UK-based ‘Iran International TV’ as a terrorist act.

The ministry also announced that all the rioters who sow insecurity during the recent unrest in Iran under the support of Iran International TV have been arrested.

“Those who were implementing the orders from Iran International TV, setting individual and public properties on fire in various Iranian provinces, have been identified and arrested,” the statement said.

Underlining that Iranian intelligence forces have been closely monitoring the activities of the “Saudi-Zionist” television channel, the Intelligence ministry announced that it regards any cooperation with the channel equal to terrorist activities and accordingly, any trade deal with them is illegal, it added.

The Iranian Judiciary system has issued an order which lets seizure of all the properties of the staff of the TV channel and their affiliated individuals in Iran, the statement said, they will also be sued internationally to make a good lesson for those who provide services to enemies.

Those of the TV channel staff who repent and stop their cooperation with Iran International would be kindly forgiven, it added.

On November 26, the Iranian Judiciary announced “legal and judicial restrictions” on assets of key figures of adversary UK-based Iran International TV over their attempts to destabilize the country during the recent riots.