Iran Mercantile Exchange reports 16% rise in monthly trade

Financial Tribune – During the month to November 22, more than 2.453 million tons of goods worth 108 trillion rials ($915.2 million) changed hands at the Iran Mercantile Exchange.

The traded goods registered 16% increase in volume compared to the month earlier when 2.10 million tons were traded, the IME website reported.

In this period, the volume of trade in IME’s petrochemical and petroleum wing reached 1.63 million tons, indicating a 32.5% monthly hike.

The value of trade in petrochemicals and petroleum stood at 63.73 trillion rials ($540.1 million).

About 544,407 tons of bitumen, 543,940 tons of vacuum bottom, 266,184 tons of polymeric materials and 133,000 tons of lube cuts were traded.

A total of 803,435 tons of goods valued at 43.96 trillion rials ($372.5 million) were traded in the IME’s industrial and mineral segment, down 7.88% in volume compared to a month earlier when it was 872,172 tons.

Steel held the biggest share of trade on this platform with more than 756,344 tons.

Other trades included 11,255 tons of copper, 510 tons molybdenum concentrates, 16,220 tons aluminum, 100 tons zinc ingots, 15,000 tons iron ore concentrate and 55 kilograms of gold ingots.

During the period, about 16,358 tons of goods were traded in the IME Side Market.

Iran’s capital market has four segments, namely Tehran Stock Exchange, Iran Fara Bourse (over-the-counter market), Energy Exchange and the IME.