Iran opening doors to scientists from across world

IRNA – A Sharif University official stressed the focus of the Iranian government on the scientific policy in the recent years and said Iran welcomed scientific cooperation with the world.

The Director of the International Affairs at Sharif University Abdolreza Simchi in an interview with IRNA, referred to the government’s success in international communications given the fact that strong points of such a diplomacy are greater than its weaknesses.

The government tried, in particular, to open the doors to the scientists of the world of science, especially after the signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

He further pointed to Iran’s high scientific potential in the world and said that Iranian universities and science centers have been very favorable in international scientific communication even under sanctions.

In spite of all the problems of Iran’s scientific centers, they have tried to make the most of this existing situation and receive assistance from the international community and provide appropriate measures at this level, he added.

Simchi stating that the Iranian government has taken some very good measures on scientific diplomacy, saying: for example, the government has done many activities to facilitate the participation of international scientists and scholars, including visa facilitation, to stay in touch.

The Director General of International Affairs at Sharif University of Technology emphasized that the belief of the scientific community is that universities and research like the last 40 years can find their way to all things especially sanctions.