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Iran English language newspaper headlines on Tuesday, 19-11-2019

Iran Daily


Iran calmer despite ‘riots’ over fuel price hike

Iran said it still faces “riots” even though the situation was calmer on Monday after days of violent protests sparked by a sudden decision to hike gasoline prices.


Kuwait’s monarch fires son over feud with fellow minister

Kuwait’s emir on Monday fired his own son and another cabinet minister after they publicly feuded over accusations of corruption, ordering the prime minister to form a new government.


Police swoop as Hong Kong protesters try to flee

Hong Kong riot police swooped on protesters trying to flee a university they had set ablaze Monday, in one of the most violent confrontations seen in nearly six months of unrest.


North Korea says no more talks with US just so Trump can boast

North Korea said on Monday it was not interested in meaningless talks with the United States just so President Donald Trump had something to boast about, urging an end to what it called a policy of hostility if America wanted dialogue.


FM congratulates Palestine movement on success in imposing conditions on Israel for cease-fire

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif offered his congratulations to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement over the recent success in imposing its conditions on Israel for a cease-fire.


Iran, Pakistan military officials discuss cooperation

A Pakistani top Army official met with Iran’s top military commander and discussed defense, military and security cooperation.

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