UK Senior Scientific Adviser welcomes Arak Reactor modernizing project

IRNA – Chief scientific adviser in the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) for nuclear science and technology Robin William Grimes expressed his satisfaction over having the opportunity to visit the Arak Reactor modernizing project last week.

The British Embassy in Tehran released a video on Thursday from Robin William Grimes, a senior scientific adviser to the British government, in which he explains the visit.

In the video clip, Grimes says the Arak Reactor Completion Project is part of JCPOA, and it is a great advantage for Iran that we are here to help modernize the reactor design.

“I was lucky enough to be able to visit the reactor,” he said. Nothing is better than seeing a huge engineering project, especially when you are part of the process, “I am looking forward to returning to Iran,” chief scientific adviser in the Ministry of Defense for nuclear science said.

On Oct 14, Britain’s Embassy in Tehran said in a statement that a UK team of nuclear experts had arrived in Tehran on Monday to help modernize Arak Reactor.

The statement read, “A team of British nuclear experts led by UK Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Robin Grimes arrived in Tehran today to take forward the next stages of the modernization of the Arak reactor, alongside a team of Chinese experts.”

It added, “The experts will hold talks with the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran on international technical assistance to the reactor construction.”

“This visit forms part of our commitment to ensuring that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) provides benefits for both Iran and the wider international community. That is why we are upholding our obligations to cooperate with Iran to modernize the Arak reactor, helping Iran to develop a modern and up to date civil nuclear programme.”

“Our work with Iran on the Arak project has made important progress in the past year. We look forward to future meetings to support the project going forward.”