Iran, leading country in health sector in region: WHO chief

MNA – Director-General of World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that Iran is a leading country in health sector in the eastern Mediterranean region and has managed to control the mortality of children, women and communicable diseases by promoting health services.

Regarding Iran’s health achievements, the World Health Organization (WHO) is committed to helping Iran to achieve better and higher quality health services, said WHO chief in the opening ceremony of the 66th Session of the World Health Organization’s Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean.

Iran’s political commitment to providing universal healthcare is appreciated and many other countries need to follow Iran’s model in providing universal and primary health care, he added.

WHO reports indicate that there are numerous health issues in the eastern Mediterranean countries, but the efforts of these countries have raised optimism for reduction of health issues in the region, Ghebreyesus mentioned.

The political commitment is needed to help improve health in the countries of the region, including Afghanistan, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan and other countries, he noted.

WHO chief said that in addition to emphasizing the issue of fighting against drug trafficking, the Tehran Statement indicates a healthy lifestyle and the importance of non-communicable disease prevention.