Semnan tourist attractions offered in foreign languages

IRNA — Deputy Director of Semnan province Department for Tourism, Investment of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, Hamid Reza Doost Mohammadi said on Saturday that that the provincial department gave preference to attract foreign tourists by promoting the tourist sites in foreign languages including the Chinese language.

Hamid Reza Doost Mohammadi on Saturday said in an interview with IRNA: Most foreign tourists and visitors to historical, natural and cultural monuments of Semnan province are from China, Iraq and Germany and in order to introduce these capacities and attractions, we introduce the provincial tourist attraction in foreign languages including the Chinese language.

He added that in the first half of the current Iranian year, some 726.046 domestic tourists and 1.727 foreign tourists visited the tourist attractions of Semnan province.

Semnan Province is in the north of Iran and its center is Semnan, The province of Semnan covers an area of 96,816 square kilometers and stretches along the Alborz mountain range and borders to Dasht-e Kavir desert in its southern parts. Tang-e-Roozbeh Spring, Namak Dareh Mineral Spring, Talkhab Mineral Spring, Gol Roodbar River, Forests and Deserts, Semnan Jame’ Mosque , Sorkheh Water Reservoir, Qoli Bath, Saroo Castles, Sheikh Alaodowleh Bazaar and Semnan Bazaar are some of Semnan province’s tourist attractions.