Iran’s branches of power cooperating to offset sanctions: VP

Tasnim – Iran’s Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs Hossein Ali Amiri highlighted the administration’s determination to help resolve the people’s economic problems and said the three branches of the government are cooperating to offset the sanctions imposed by the West.

“Today, the government is addressing people’s problems in various sectors and is planning and working hard to resolve them,” Amiri told reporters in the northern city of Qazvin on Saturday.

“Unfortunately, the imposition of cruel sanctions has created difficult economic conditions for the people and the country but as we have proved to the world many times before, this time again we will proudly pass this great test…,” he added.

“Good plans have been developed to ease the pressure of sanctions and to tackle the problems of the country today and their implementation is seriously being pursued with the help of the three branches of power in the country,” the vice-president went on to say.

The remarks come against the backdrop of increased tensions between Iran and the US.

In May 2018, US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew his country from a multilateral nuclear deal with Iran, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and unleashed the “toughest ever” sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Since quitting the landmark 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, Trump has been running a “maximum pressure” campaign to force Iran into negotiating a new deal that addresses its ballistic missile program and regional influence.

Iran, which until a few months ago had been fully complying with all of its commitments despite the US withdrawal from the deal, has rejected the idea of talks with Washington.

Given the Europeans’ failure to abide by their obligations under the deal, Tehran began scaling down its commitments in early July.