Iran, Germany to cooperate on Chabahar transport

FNA – Iranian Industrial Management Institute, Chabahar International University and Chabahar specialized University of Navy and Marine Sciences signed an agreement with German FHM University to share know-how in the field of sustainable mobility management.

The deal was signed to share know-how on international science and technology, sustainable development and making recommendations for initiating small and medium-sized businesses.

The deal was signed by Managing director of Iran’s Industrial Management Institute Abulfazl Kiyani, Director of German FHM University for International Affairs Hamid Doust-Mohammadian and President of Chabahar International University Arsalan Dejkam and President of Chabahar University of Naval and Marine Sciences Mahmoud Nasiri to launch a course of PhD in Sustainable Mobility Management by the German university.

Kiyani told the ceremony that Iran’s industrial management institute had held close communications with international universities and academic centers over the past 18 years.

“The industrial management institute has started to focus on sea-based economy since one and half a year ago and promoted vocational and managerial education at international level,” he added.

Chabahar city is one of the most important ports located on Makran shores, and is officially designated as a free trade and industrial zone by the Iranian government.

Due to its free trade zone status, the city has increased in significance in international trade.