Embassy blasts UK university for holding anti-Iran forum

FNA – Iranian Embassy in London strongly criticized a British university for holding an anti-Iranian government conference in the UK capital.

The Iranian Embassy protested to Imperial College of London for hosting an anti-Iran meeting.

Iran’s Ambassador to the UK Hamid Baeidinejad condemned the university’s move to provide a hall to a group of self-proclaimed political bankrupts who are seeking foreign support for changing Iran’s politico-cultural map by fanning flames of cultural and lingual differences.

“University is a venue for sharing views and dependent party which has nothing to do with Iranian nation and 2050 should not be able to misuse the name of a university for pushing its false thoughts behind closed doors and without any opportunity for debate,” Badeidinejad said.

He hoped that the mistake will not be repeated by the university again.

Imperial College of London hosted an anti-Iran meeting themed ‘Transition Management Consulting’ on Saturday and Sunday. During the fruitless meeting, the council declared existence and exchanged views on holding ‘organized protests’ with the aim of toppling Iran’s ruling establishment.