Netanyahu contributing to imminent destruction of Israel

IRNA – Secretary-General of the International Conference for the Intifada of Palestine stated that the Palestinian fighters are counting on to teach an unforgettable lesson the Zionists, and noted that the Zionist regime’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is greatly contributing to Israel’s destruction as soon as possible for keeping himself in the power.

Hossein Amir Abdollahian on Saturday strongly called Netanyahu’s controversial, electoral and intimidating remarks on annexation of the Jordan Valley and an important part of West Bank to occupied territories as revealing part of the evil plan of America and the Zionists under the cover of the so-called “Deal of the Century” and strongly condemned these positions.

The top official described the controversial and child killer Prime Minister of the Zionist regime as a “New Small Hitler” for the world, seeking via the support of the Trump administration and the smiles and money of some leaders of oil producing countries of the region to lead the region into an all-out war based on false perception of Netanyahu some countries are involved in the war, but Israel remain safe in support of the US.

The Secretary-General of the International Conference for the Protection of the Palestinian Intifada stated that if the Zionists act illegally and in contravention of all international Zionist laws, the Palestinian nation and the resistance in response to playing with the fire will teach the Zionists a great lesson.

Amir Abdollahian emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns any action against the violation of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and supports the realization of their legitimate rights, including the liberation of the occupied Palestinian territories, the formation of a Palestinian state throughout the historical lands and the liberation of noble Quds, and calls on international assemblies and governments and the free people of the world to not merely suffice to issue a statement for the sake of maintaining world peace and stability and preventing the Zionist regime’s warmongering and evil intentions.

He said, “The prime minister of the Zionist regime and the Zionists must distance themselves from their dreams and know the Palestinian and regional warriors with all the power and experience of the 33-day war and the Gaza wars will teach the Zionists an unforgettable and historic lesson and Netanyahu is contributing to destroy Israel sooner in order to remain in power.”