MPs table motion to ban reporters of pro-sanctions states entry to Iran

Tasnim – A group of Iranian lawmakers have proposed a motion that reporters from countries advocating the anti-Iranian sanctions should be barred from entering the Islamic Republic.

More than 160 Iranian parliamentarians have signed the motion, according to which reporters from the countries that support the sanctions against Iran will be refused entry into Iran.

In a letter to Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, the MPs have deplored the hostile measures by a series of foreign press agencies against Iran’s national interests, calling for action against the followers of American sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

They urged that the Iranian administration should make the necessary arrangements to refuse reporters of the media supporting the US sanctions on Iran entry into the country.

In April, the Iranian lawmakers ratified two clauses of a comprehensive plan to deal with the US hostile policies.

One of the bills entails legal action against the US move to blacklist the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and requires the Iranian administration to act in line with the measures passed by the Supreme National Security Council to “counter the terrorist activities of the American forces who threaten the Islamic Republic of Iran’s interests.”

The other motion stipulated that “the Islamic Republic of Iran’s administration and the armed forces are duty bound to take the necessary and wise measures in due time in such a way that the American forces could not employ any power or equipment against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s interests.”

In early April, the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission decided to table 14 motions as part of a strategy to counter the US’ hostile measures.

According to the motions, the administration, ministries, and executive organizations are required to carry out policies to deal with, foil, and publicize the US’ belligerent measures.