Iran’s economy resilient due to resourcefulness: Zarif

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the Islamic Republic’s economy continues to be resilient despite facing various crippling sanctions from the US.

Zarif, who was in Malaysia for a one-day visit, said Iran managed to weather the sanctions by undertaking programs for such purpose and relying on its resources.

“Iran has programs to make our economy resilient,” Zarif said in an interview with Bernama International News Service Thursday.

“Now, we are focusing on the resilient economy and we believe that the only way to survive the sanction’s pressure is not to isolate yourself from the rest the world, but (by relying) on your own resources.

“That is why we have been able since last year – when we suffered the shock from United States’ withdrawal (from the nuclear deal) – to be recovered; not fully, but partially recovered. We lost 70 percent of our currency (value) but now we have recovered 30 percent,” he said.

Asked about his plan to attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) next month following a sanction imposed on him by the US in early August, Zarif said he is planning to attend the meeting.

“United Nations has an obligation…to allow (UN) member states to operate freely in New York in their efforts to participate in the UN. I am supposed to enjoy that freedom. I will see whether the US will violate their obligations or whether it will comply.”

“The president (is) planning to go (attend the UNGA) and I am planning to go too, but we will see,” he added.

Zarif also said the visit to Malaysia had given him a chance to discuss various opportunities for bilateral cooperation between Tehran and Kuala Lumpur which both countries have yet to fully exploit.

“Also, both Malaysia and Iran are important members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)… (we) have possibilities to work together for cooperation in the unity of Islamic Ummah…,” he said.