Turkmenistan keen on economic cooperation with Iran

IRNA – Turkmenistan Ambassador to Iran Ahmed Gurbanov said Iran is a priority for Turkmenistan for developing economic cooperation.

Speaking in the inauguration ceremony of Turkmenistan exhibition in Mashad, Gurbanov said holding the event will be a major step for promoting bilateral relations between two countries.

He added that Iran and Turkmenistan will promote the level of cooperation and friendship.

Meanwhile, Razavi Khorasan Governor Ali Reza Razm Hosseini said Iran and Turkmenistan enjoy longstanding relations.

He emphasized the fact that there is no road-block on developing relations, adding that no country will be able to create obstacle in the way of Iran-Turkmen cooperation.

He said that many Turkmen tourists visit Iran every year and the two countries enjoy infrastructure for economic cooperation including Sarakhs special economic zone and three border customs offices indicating the interest of the Iranian and Turkmen people in enhanced trade ties.

He noted that the volume of Iran-Turkmenistan trade exchange is capable of two-fold growth.